Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harmony Grove vs. Camden

While I've been sub-ing these past few weeks for the Camden-Fairview school district, another friend I walk with has been sub-ing for the Harmony Grove school district which is only a few miles north of Camden, AR. We got together this evening and discussed our many similiarities and differences between the 2 locations. I'll let you judge to see which one is better.

1) Substitute teachers for Harmony Grove are paid $61 per day, while Camden substitute teachers are paid $75 per day.
2) Harmony Grove is a smaller town without any projects, while Camden (a town of 13,000) has 6 projects and a large number of people living below the poverty level.
3) Harmony Grove is not as well funded by the state and therefore, they don't have enough textbooks for all the students, unlike Camden which is very well funded and constantly getting 'bailout' money from the government.
4) Harmony Grove student break down is 80% white and 20% black, while Camden is probably 75% black and 25% white.

1) You can still find students who are disrespectful to their teachers (gee... that is a surprise)
2) You can still find teenagers getting pregnant.

I'd be curious to see if the drop in pay would actually be worth it to teach at Harmony Grove. The pay would probably be best to teach out of state... but that doesn't seem too possible right now. This state is driving me nuts with all their stupid rules and regulations, which are actually hurting students rather than helping them. Allow me to list and explain some of the state's stupidity!:
1) A student can only be held back one year overall between the grades K-12 (This doesn't help them or the student if they are not ready to advance to another level! It also tells students no matter how poorly they perform in class- they will be able to get another year closer to a high school diploma.)
2) As long as a student maintains a D average they progress to the next level. (So... even though they can't read or do basic math skills they can be in 10th grade! Hurray! Anyone else think this is stupid?)
3) If you have a student that is mentally challenged (to where they aren't potty trained, aren't capable of critical thinking, and some that aren't even capable of talking) they are still placed in the public school system and again as long as they continue to progress in their 'contained' atmosphere... they too will graduate with a high school diploma. (Gee... that really really cheapens the accomplishment of getting a diploma. Could you imagine someone saying "Well I can't wipe my ass, but I have a diploma!")
4) The state will give money to the schools, but instead of spending it on teacher's salaries or paying for tutors to come and work one-on-one with students who need help reading and with math, they are using it towards buildings, computers, and football stadiums. (See where their priorities lie?)
5) Harmony Grove public school is being sued because there student population is 80% white and 20% black... yet Camden public school is almost 80% black and 20% white and no one argues about the unfair racial distribution there. (Gee.. do you think white people perhaps moved into Harmony Grove and not Camden for a reason?! Ever notice too, that people don't understand that racism can apply to people saying derrogatory things to white people? Racism isn't just reserved for black people!)

While I enjoy being employed, I know without a doubt in my mind that should we ever be here for a long period of time for any reason... I will be homeschooling Sophie. And I don't just say this about Camden... I'm saying this about the whole state of Arkansas. I will not degrade my daughter by making her submit to a lower level of education when I can do better myself!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nebraka Weekend!

We are back from a fun weekend in Nebraska! We left Camden around 6pm and arrived at Mike & Lorena's house in Plattsmouth, NE around 6 am. It was so good to see them... and a bed! On Friday after getting some sleep, we ate lunch together and then Brian got some "Man Time" with Mike at the golf course, and Lorena and I went shopping! Hurray for clothing stores that don't begin with "Wal" and end with "Mart"! I got a couple things for myself and a couple of things for Sophie at this neat little second hand store for kids clothing called 'Big Wheels & Butterflies'. One thing I saw at 'Big Wheels & Butterflies' that I considered getting was a Lobster Halloween costume! It was so cute! There wasn't any holes for the feet, instead they remained inside and formed the tail. The hands were claws and the hood had two antenna like eyeballs on top. I thought about buying it simply so I could take her picture in it and send it to everyone saying "Great Catch" or something similiar. However, I couldn't justify the purchase and so decided against it.

On Saturday (aka- Game Day!) Suzi came to visit us in Plattsmouth and decided to spend the day with Sophie and I. (The guys had decided to spend some more "Man Time" on the golf course). So we loaded up Sophie and went to see the boyfriend Tony. He was very nice and polite and enjoyed a good joke or two with us and I'll be glad to see him again in October. I did warn him though that the next time he sees me I may not be so nice, since 'nice' and 'intimidating' don't go well together. He understood.

Next stop was to the Omaha Zoo. It was a very big zoo and we weren't able to see all of it, but I was able to see some animals I've never seen before. They had this awesome aquarium that allowed me to see stingrays, jellyfish, and sharks! And then they had sealions, otters, and different kind of monkeys throughout different parts of the zoo. We also got to go to the 'Desert Dome', which is visible from I-80 and I've always wanted to go inside since seeing it from the Interstate. It was pretty neat and they had this huge sand dune in it with lots of animals. While we didn't see any of the big cats (we didn't have that much time to see everything) there was a zookeeper that had the skin of a Bengal tiger that he was allowing the kids to touch. It was from one of the tigers in the zoo that had died from old age. It was pretty neat!

Another thing they had was the Sky-fari, which is like a ski lift that takes you on a ride over the zoo and the animals. It was a neat concept being able to get some rest and see some of the animals simply by looking down, but Sophie did not like it at all. I think the heights scared her. And the lack of 'wiggle room' available to a fussy child scared me. So we decided against the return trip and ended up walking back to the stroller. Sophie definately preferred that option!

After the zoo, we decided to head back since it was getting close to 6pm... Game Time! Now Mike is a K-State fan, unlike his wife Lorena who proudly sports a Nebraska Husker t-shirt. And they got me this Husker red shirt that says K-State on it for the game! It was awesome! So while everyone else was decked out in Husker t-shirts (even Sophie because Lorena made her a onsie that said 'Husker Baby' on the front and 'Sophie' on the back), Mike and I wore the 2 blood red K-State shirts! It was Awesome! Brian and the guys enjoyed the game, although it was getting a little boring when the only team scoring was Nebraska. Final score was Nebraska 55, Louisiana 0.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time seeing Mike, Lorena, and Suzi and hope to have another opportunity to see them again soon. But we ended up leaving NE at 9am on Sunday, and arrived back in Camden at 9pm. In other words, that was a long drive for a PPV game... but the friends made it worth the drive!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the Road Again

This weekend the Oney family heads to Nebraska! We are visiting Mike & Lorena and going to watch the 300th Consecutive Sold Out Game for the Nebraska Huskers. In honor of the trip, I packed all of Brian's Husker shirts (a total of 4), which is going to make Mike tired of seeing red. But I'm sure Brian would expect nothing less of me. Even little Sophie has her Nebraska Husker shirt packed! I had thought to pack my K-State purple shirt, but I figured Brian might throw it out the window in Missouri or some place. Anyway, as we will be gone and busy with our friends, there will probably be no new posts until we get back. But as soon as we do... I promise there will be pictures!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brian's 28th Birthday

Well, Brian hasn't posted anything, so I guess I'll just add that today is Brian's birthday. I made 40 cupcakes for his birthday to share with the guys and their wives who play Ultimate Frisbee and his co-workers and people at work. Overall... we have 10 leftover. I suggested that some of them go to my ladies at the church, but he insisted that he will personally consume them himself before we leave Arkansas tomorrow and head for Nebraska. That's a lot of chocolate cupcakes.

Typical September Day

I thought I'd give insight into the lifestyle our family has found to be acceptable as of lately.

First, typically Oscar can be found in his crate after defecating somewhere in the house... typically the living room. Sophie sometimes will give him attention while he's in jail. Also when he's in jail, she'll try and eat his dog food. There have been at least 3 occasions where I've had to quickly fish out Oscar's dog food from her mouth. Gross... I know. It's amazing... she won't eat peas... but she'll put Oscar's dog food in her mouth. Personally, I'd rather take the peas.

Also as of late, I've discovered that sometimes I don't have to be super mom. Every morning I used to get up and make Sophie a warm meal of oatmeal or grits, then change her diaper, feed her, and then dress her before heading out the door. Lately with teaching limiting my mornings, I've discovered that there is a new way to give Sophie the nutritional value she needs and without taking so much time out of my schedule in the mornings. I call it, "Fast Breakfast". Allow me to give you the directions.
1) Take a cup of Cheerios and pour it on the floor.
2) Set baby on the floor
3) Your baby will be occupied by picking up their meal while you are able to accomplish other tasks.

Ok, so it's a little redneck, but I'm teaching her that food doesn't magically appear and sometimes you have to forage for it. Actually, I'm just trying to justify my laziness on several days. But to all my Six Sigma friends you'll be happy to know that I just Kaizan-ed the crap out of Breakfast! See... I'm using my Green Belt knowledge! (*Wonder if I should graph this out using the Six Sigma tools and send it to friends at Cessna?*)

And this isn't typical, but I had to add it because it happened today. Sophie discovered Oscar has a dangly thing and she decided to grab it. Yup... that's right folks... Sophie found and grabbed Oscar's penis. Luckily she was gentle so Oscar didn't bite her. In fact he appeared to like it because he kept licking her face. I'm sure he's appreciative since it's been a long time since another female has messed around with his equipment.

Otherwise the rest of the time, Brian is busy at Lockheed Martin working, while I'm sub-ing in the Camden-Fairview School district. Once we get home, it doesn't take long for us to eat, bathe, and go to bed.

Also... I realize today is Brian's birthday and I've asked him to post something on the blog for his birthday. Perhaps some of the things he's accomplished at the age of 27. (He's 28 today). Anyway... we'll see what he writes!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

High School vs. Primary School

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: High School vs. Primary School! In the left corner it's big it's tough and they've learned enough... it's Camden-Fairview High School. Weighing in as a 5A school they sport grades 9 through 12. Offering multiple curriculum and some college classes, makes this contender capable of advanced educational domination. And in the right corner it's small, it's a blast, and at recess they kick a$s.... it's Ivory Primary School. Weighing in with about 200 kids, it contains grades 2nd and 3rd. With courses like PE and Recess and containing lots of energy thanks to the pop and candy Mom packed in their sack lunches, these kids are high energy and hope to wear down the competition. And with basic classes like Reading, Spelling, Math, and Science, these students are going back to the basic to take down the contender.

Now... lets look at the differences between our 2 contenders:

1) 2nd graders aren't afraid to ask for help when they don't understand something; High School students just put their head on the desk and say they aren't going to do it because "It's stupid"

2) 2nd graders still have a respect for adults and authority figures; High School students think they are adults and demand respect of others, but some give none back to others, including teachers.

3) 2nd graders think having a teacher that likes to teach with song, dance, and making them giggle is fun; High School students don't want any kind of teacher. In fact, because you are a teacher... they despise your existence (some of them anyway).

And now... the similiarities between the competition:

1) In both of these schools, there are students who cannot read.

2) Both seem to lack some comprehension skills (2nd grade Example: "If the triangle side is 3 cms here, and 3 cms here, and then 3 cms here... what does that mean?" "I dunno. I don't get it!" "Look... the sides are all 3s... what does that tell you?" "So, the answer is 3?" (Correct Answer- the sides are equal or the same length) (High School Example: "So the War is over with... can anyone tell me the overall outcome of the war?" "Soldier's died and can't come home to their families." "Ok... but that can happen during a war... I'm looking for something specific that comes from AFTER a war." "Come on people... things change after a war... things don't just go back to being the same... what would be different." "People are dead" (Correct Answer- land boundaries changed giving once French land to the English)

3) Some of the kids seemed to be content with low grades as long as they were passing (2nd grade example: little girl in the computer lab was working on a math skills game and scored a 65% and said "Look Mrs. O... ain't that good?!") (High School example: "I'm not doing the rest of this sh1t. I got enough.")

4) Both of them seem to have a problem with racism. (2nd grade example: little girl comes up to me and says "Mrs. O... she just called me little miss Mexico!") (High School example: "Ooh, I'm gonna beat the white out of her. Stupid little white girl.")

The lines are drawn, but which becomes this substitute teachers favorite? Look for us next time when we'll review the fight and see who arrives victorious. Will it be the High School students with advanced classes? Will it be the Primary School students with their basic classes? Or, will our sub be found running for the hills screaming "Get me out of Camden"? Look for us next
time when we'll review the fight and reveal the victor!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Suzi's Boyfriend to Meet the Family

In the Barton family we have a tradition. When a guy is brought home to "meet the parents", it is the perfect time to interview him as a possible dating candidate for the Barton women. Both my husband and my sister's boyfriend Britt have completed the Application To Date My Daughter ( link to the application: http://www.hightechdad.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/application_for_permission_to_date_my_daughter.pdf ) and gone through and passed the exams. There have been some who have not been so lucky, like Jake. And trust me... they are not dating anymore. So... this is a big deal. Plus, the Barton's (including myself) are all smart asses... so needless to say... we love this. We love to see the men wiggle in their seats when asked uncomfortable questions.

Anyway, the next person on the chopping block (um... I mean... hot seat) is Tony... Suzi's new boyfriend. Seems nice... seems like he treats her well... and is coming to "meet the family" on the second weekend of October! So, Suzi has been warned (and she's a Barton so of course she expects it) that Tony will be driven to a remote location and asked and evaluated on questions. Mwah ha ha ha! (maniacal laughter ensues). Here are just some of the questions we anticipate asking him. If you have more... please feel free to add them in the comment box below.

Question 1) Are you "worthy" of dating Suzi?
Answer we are looking for : "No. I am nothing compared to her. I'm the gum on the bottom of her shoe."

Question 2) List your priorities in life, starting with the most important.
Answer we are looking for: God, family, education, work, .... *answers may vary*

Question 3) What are your intentions towards Suzi?
Answer we are looking for: "Honorable."

Question 4) What are your views regarding sex before marriage?
Answer we are looking for: "Sex is something done after marriage."

Question 5) What do you do in your free time?
Answer we are looking for: "Spending time with friends and family. Spending little to no time on TV or computer."

Question 6) What do you feel is a "woman's role" in the house?
Answer we are looking for: "To give me my chore list"

Question 7) Are you capable of cleaning up, laundry, cooking, scrubbing toilets, changing oil, & changing diapers?
Answer we are looking for: "Yes to all the above"

Question 8) True or False- Love means never having to say you're sorry.
Answer we are looking for: FALSE

Question 9) You've just had a fight and Suzi asks to borrow your car to blow off steam... what do you do?
Answer we are looking for: "I trust her so much I'd make sure it was full of gas and lend her my credit card as well."

Question 10) The three things that Suzi does that pisses me off are ____, _____, & _____.
Answers we are looking for: (Answers can vary).

So if anyone has some good questions to ask... please feel free to add them to the comment box. I'm sure I'll be updating everyone with his answers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ouachita County Fair

Today was a good day. The rain actually stopped and the sun came out! Hurray! Then, a roofer came out to inspect the damage and discovered what was needed to be done to permanently fix the leaky roof. Again... hurray! So the day has definitely gotten better for me.

So since the sun was out, Sophie and I decided to go to the County Fair to see the animals. (Brian would join us later). So.. I have no clue where I'm going, but I eventually find the big sign and head in the correct direction. Well there is hardly anyone there and I see some cars parked along the fence and just turn in and park. The police are there and they see me and smile and wave. I pull out Sophie's stroller and get everything arranged and just go about my business. Well, I didn't realize this until Lindsey and the boys arrived... but I parked in the staff parking. I was supposed to park across the street in the field... not actually at the county fair grounds. Oops! Well how the heck was I supposed to know. The police didn't even bother to correct me. And trust me... I didn't look much like I was there for the animals since I was dressed in a skort and sporting flip-flops on my feet and pushing a stroller with a baby.

Anyway, Sophie and I met up with Lindsey and the boys and checked out all the animals. There were a whooping total of 4 cows. I expected more, but it was ok. Sophie has seen plenty of cows at my uncles' farm in Kansas. Then we went to see the goats and 1 sheep. Sophie did much better with the 1 sheep than she did when we were in Canada. She wasn't as scared this time, but perhaps it was due to the fact that there was only ONE. Next were the pigs and oh my goodness did they have pigs. Pigs seemed to be the big thing here because there were hundreds of pigs! The noise was just insane it sounded like you were going to be stampeded by this huge pink and black porkers. I wondered if the noise would be too much for Sophie, but she didn't fuss. Instead, she reached right out to one of the pigs and touched their snout. This little girl is fearless!

Next we went to see the bunnies and the chickens. My mom would have enjoyed it because they had a wide variety of chickens. Many I had never ever seen before... not even in pictures. They had some that were pretty exotic. That doesn't sound right... an exotic chicken. Doesn't sound like it is possible, but I don't know how else to describe it. My other thought about the chickens and Sophie was that she witnessed my side of the family butchering chickens one day and I wonder if she's thinking in the back of her mind ("Oh... I know what's going to happen to you!" or "Hey... something's not right... these ones still have their head on!") They also had several turkeys there and one duck. The one duck made me laugh.

Anyway, we definately got our quota of barnyard animals during this trip. It was pretty fun and at least something entertaining and educational for Sophie and I to do. Perhaps when she gets older we might put her in 4H to do some of the photography, canning, drawing, and sewing items, but I draw the line at raising pigs.

Health Notice

We have a few health watches going on in our family/friends area that we wish to update everyone on their condition.

Ben Barton (Stacey's brother) had spinal surgery Thursday and is recovering well. He was in surgery for about 6 hours and a full recovery is expected because there was no nerve damage.

Autumn Biltz (Stacey's friend) gave birth to a baby girl named Suzanna Grace early Thursday morning. Mom and baby are fine!

Patrick & Gabriel (Sophie's friends) suffered some runny noses and are feeling much better.

Sophie is now suffering from a runny nose... which as of today has cleared up as well.

Brian and Stacey are now suffering from runny noses and sore throats. Most likely passed down from Sophie. All are doing well and expect a full recovery.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I think Arkansas has a wet season and a dry season like the Southwestern states, and this is DEFINATELY the wet season. Perhaps I'm wrong, which could be the case since I've only been in the state for 3 months. But this is the 3rd time since I've been here that we've had rainy days. And when I say "days" I mean literally "days". It's not like it rains maybe 2 times a week. No... it rains for a week. We've seen the Ouachita River flood the camp area at least 3 times! And thanks to the weather and other factors (which I won't go over now) we have a huge leak in our ceiling, which is bringing in rain water and a musty aroma into the house. Great! And it's not like this is a new problem. Nope... it's been a continual problem. One that has continually been ignored or not fixed properly or correctly. I understand money is tight... I understand people are busy... but for heaven sake... lets get this stupid thing fixed already. Our big granite canning pot has become a permaneant fixture in the living room to catch the water from the roof. Ugh.

We had our first PRE (Parish Religious Education) classes yesterday and the funny thing is the topic was "God Creates the Sky". It talks about how God made the sun, moon, stars, clouds, and rainbows and how we should be thankful for them. It was a cute lesson and Kristin did an amazing job with the Kindergarden and 1st graders. But one thing I'm reflecting upon about the lesson yesterday is that it didn't mention rain. You know... generally I like rain... but I'm really glad yesterdays lesson did not include "Let's Praise God for Rain!". I probably would be making smart-ass comments (afterwards so the kids couldn't hear of course) about how God can stop showering us with that blessing (literally) . Anyway, I thought about that today and figured... it was divine intervention that God didn't mention that.

*The picture above is Sophie and Oscar at the front door watching the rain come down. I think I took this picture last week when it was raining. And guess what... it's still raining!*

AR High Schoolers "Noledge of Amerikan Hystry"

On Monday and Tuesday I had the opportunity to teach high school students my field of study- History. And I went in thinking, well... I'll be teaching American History so it shouldn't be as tough as trying to teach them World History. And most of them did ok, but then there were others. Oh yes! Let me give you a little background on the information that I was teaching them before we go to the comments and remarks. We were talking about the English colonies and how they were different based upon region, specifically how their environment shaped their economy and their society. Then we talked about the French and Indian War. For those of you who are a little rusty on history, allow me to clarify that all of this is BEFORE the American Revolution, therefore, it is BEFORE the United State of America. Most of my students failed to understand this after I told them. Here are some of their comments (in red) I got during class:

"The South grows weed! (snicker snicker). "No... tobacco." "I'd live there so I could grow my own. And then I wouldn't get busted for it." (God help me!)

"If you want to make good relations with the Natives what should you do?" "Shoot 'em." (Remind me to hide if they ever say they are comign to visit and spread good will)

"Why are we talking about battles in Canada if this is AMERICAN history?" "Because all of this land (even Canada) belong to the British and many of the colonialists fought in the French-Indian War." "Ok. So why are we talking about the British and French if this is AMERICAN history?" "Because this is before America." "No it isn't... look America is right there."

"What is a result of the war?" "People are dead" "Ok... what else?" "If you have a war, there is always a winner and a loser. Someone always gains something and someone always looses something. Can someone tell me what that was? Look at the map." (Map shows before and after using colors to represent occupation of territory). "The river is moved." "No... I'm sure that the Mississippi River is still in the same place." "The Rocky Mountains moved west". "No... I'm sure the mountains are in the same place. Look at the colors". "Someone forgot to paint the map purple on this one!" (Oy vey. Legend kids... a legend! France lost territory! Geez!!!)

"Two forts were seized from Nova Scotia." "What were they doing in Argentina?" (You gotta be kidding me!!! And what was worse... there was a map on their opened textbook showing Nova Scotia north of Maine.)

Anyway... there are just a few. It's been a few days and I've forgotten some of them, but the biggest themes seemed to be that they don't know their geography and can't read maps, and that they don't understand anything about America before it becomes part of the United States of America. Anyway, hopefully this made some people laugh!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

MOPS Meeting

After spending a fairly lazy Saturday at home, we went to the MOPS Picnic at the First Baptist Church. It was great! Most of the women I met either from church or at the women's bible study... but needless to say... I knew everyone there! That is impressive for someone who has only been in Camden for about 3 months. I also go a huge compliment... some of ladies are enjoying this blog and are laughing at my experiences with the high school students. I'm glad I'm able to spread humor in their lives, without them needing to experience this first hand. High School here has been a challenge and I'm sure as time progresses and I continue to have classes to sub at the High School, I'm sure I'll have more stories to post here.

Otherwise, the picnic was great. Got to spend a lot of time with great moms that I generally haven't seen in awhile since the past 3 weeks I've been busy babysitting highschool students. So it was good to check up on everyone's life and be around several educated adults. Sophie also enjoyed herself and got lots of "girl time". After spending several weeks with Gabriel and Patrick (whom she loves to hang out with), there were several little girls at the MOPS picnic that just loved her and wanted to hang out with her. She was the star of the show... well... ok... she was popular at the gym where all the kids were hanging out at. They thought it was so much fun to see her crawling around on the floor, and so they decided to follow where she led, crawling on the floor themselves. How could I not take pictures? 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Would You Hire Them?

This week I've been subing at the High School teaching 12th grade English. One of their assignments during the course of 2 days is to print out a sample resume, and then adding their own information to create their own resume. Sounds absolutely reasonable right? Nope! I've had 2 kids inform me that they don't need a resume... ever. One said he planned to live with his mom forever. I asked him if she knew about that, because my guess is that if she heard about his plans for the future, she'd be sitting right next to him making sure he was doing this assignment. Perhaps I'm wrong... but I doubt it. The other one just said he was too lazy and didn't care. Hurray for motivation... this guy is going places (NOT). Anyway, after 2 days some of them turned in decent resumes... others turned in the following. (Spelling is done exactly as you see here!)

Resume 1: Objective: Voice Actor. Education: Camden Arkensaw H.S., Work Experinse: Helped in the Church Assembla of God nursery, Mowed Mom and Memaw yards, Helped fill in holes dug by aunt's dog (Oh dear Lord! He's going to be living at home in "Arkensaw" all his life with his Memaw)

Resume 2: Special Training: Hot wire car stereos (Quick I need to make sure he never ever finds my car!)

Resume 3: Education and Training: I have been training people for like 2 years weather its training for food or hair or anything, I can do it just give me the directions and I will follow them. (Obviously not true, because she couldn't even follow the directions on a sample resume. Also... is she planning on training so she has food to eat or hair to wear?)

Resume 4: Objective: Strip Club DJ, Education: Know how to get the crowd rockin (Wow... aim high kid. I'm sure you are qualified. I wonder how many other teenagers plan to try and work here... wherever "here" is. 'Cause I'm sure there is not a strip club in Camden.)

Resume 5: Height: 5'9, Eye color: Brown, Hair color: Brown, Weight 166 lbs., Talents: Art, Comedy, Karate, Golf, Bowling (Obviously,following instructions is not one of his strengths. However, he is ready to place an ad in the classifieds for a single white male teenager who is very horny and looking for a woman)

Resume 6: Profile: Ingenering Technition Class, Cosmitology Classes. Activities: Work out, lift weights, play football and basketball, parties (My first thought is ... does this football player have any clue what cosmitology is, because I can't see him fixing a woman's hair and doing her nails. Also, I'm sure the boss would just love to hire someone who considers "Parties" part of his activities.)

Resume 7: Experience: Restuant, Cook, busted tables, babysit my older sister. (I like the "busted tables").

And all of these kids need to either retake "Spelling" or learn how to use "Spell check" Also, today I learned a dark and terrible secret that Camden is trying to hide from potential instructors. There is a class, occupied with students who have made it into 9th and 12th grade and are struggling with basic math skills. Supervised by a teacher, these kids were in the library and plugged into a computer game with fish, rollercoasters, and colorful airplanes that were displaying lessons such as 41 + ___ = 67 and 7 divided by 1 = ____. Here is my thought... HOW IN THE HECK DID TEACHERS EVEN PASS THEM AND ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE TO THE NEXT GRADE!!!! So allow me to finish with what I started with... Would you hire them?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back in AR

First, allow me to apologize to everyone we did not see this weekend. It was a very very busy and hectic weekend and I know there were lots of people I was wanting to stop by and visit, but never had the opportunity to do so.

Also, I want to thank my mom and dad for playing with Sophie! Aunt Ashley and Aunt Lizzy too!

And I want to thank Elizabeth and Britt for their help with my laptop. Hopefully I'll get it up and running soon. I'm going to give Gateway a phone call tomorrow hopefully to get a Vista recovery disk.

Overall the trip back was uneventful with the exception of a stop for lunch at McDonald's in Joplin, MO, where Sophie and I met our first cross-dresser! It was a 6'+ tall man with shoulder length hair, in a short miniskirt, padded bra, skin-tight shirt, with heels, and Lots of makeup. Sadly enough... not enough makeup. It was 'enlightening'. And something unexpected.

Anyway, it's back to work for both of us. I'll try to update everyone throughout the week as to my experience with 12th grade English.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Wedding

We just got back from the Lin-Niles Wedding and it was beautiful. Perhaps if I ever get married again and have endless amounts of cash... it would be similar to theirs. The wedding was outside the Hyatt near the hotel's waterfall and next to the river walk. Following the wedding, the reception took place inside the Hyatt in one of the ballrooms. Each table was decorated with candles, ornate flower center pieces, the hotel's best china and silverware, and gorgeous decorations. The hotel also catered the meals and dessert was a 6 tiered wedding cake. Amazing!

Something else I appreciated about it was the cultural information presented. Like how the Chinese select the wedding date based on the lunar calendar. The significance of the color red. Also during the ceremony the bride will change her dress 3 times and each time a toast will be presented to the couple.

Something else amazing was the groomsman- Brian. He looked very sharp in the black suit and red tie. It was a very very nice wedding!

Also in this post, I put some additional pictures from our weekend in Wichita.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Busy Day in Wichita, Kansas!

It was a long trip back to Wichita last night. We left Camden, AR around 5:30pm and arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house around 4am. Sophie slept most of it, and while it helped some, it didn't make it any less tiring for those driving. When we got there, EVERYONE woke up to come and tell Sophie "Good Morning", even Aunt Lizzy who came from Salina just to see Sophie. Since early this morning, she's been showered with attention, toys, and new clothes! You would have thought it was her birthday or something! Sophie is loving the attention and the "girl time" with her Grandma and Aunts. Poor Grandpa had to work today so he's missing out on all the fun. But even knowing he had work today, he was also up at 4am to tell Sophie "Good Morning" with the rest of them!

Today we have a full day ahead of us. We were able to rent out our house in Newton and so we are going to visit our new tenants and clean out a few remaining items from the house. It will be comforting to know that someone is staying in the house and watching over it. Plus, extra income coming in from rent will be nice as well. After signing rental papers and hauling some things away, I plan to go to Sams and a few other stores while I have the opportunity and diversity that a big city provides and Camden lacks. Also, I figured I'd take the opportunity on this trip to get Gabriel Tomko's birthday present here in Wichita, since his birthday is this Saturday. I also hope that perhaps I can get my laptop fixed today, or perhaps at least taken in to a repair shop. The last thing on the agenda for today is the Rehersal and Rehersal Dinner for Andy and Donna's wedding. That I think is at 6 or 6:30 this evening.

So, needless to say... much to do today. I finally got some videos posted from our trip. Grandpa was having lots of fun with Sophie this weekend. Here are just some of the videos that were taken. One is Grandpa introducing Sophie to the tickle bug. The other is the "Indian call" that Grandpa taught Sophie a few months ago. Enjoy the videos... I know I do!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Techinical Difficulties

Recently my laptop crashed. I talked with my friend Biebs and it sounds like either my Windows software crashed or my hard drive crashed. So, I'm hoping that when we go to Wichita this weekend, I'll be able to get my laptop repaired. So until then the blog posts will be limited. But I promise to update everyone about our trip this weekend. Thanks for your patience.