Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caught Climbing

Finally caught Sophie in the action of climbing on the bed... several times. It now takes her about 3 seconds to climb on top of a 3 foot bed.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini Mountaineers

Upon returning from my work out, Brian informed me that we have 2 children who like to climb. Apparently, Sophie grabbed one of the folding chairs from the desk, pulled it across the room towards the bed, and then climbed on the chair and then again from the chair to our bed, so she could play with Oscar. Ingenious... yes...Irritating... absolutely.

Several minutes later, Brian comes into the living room and finds that Oscar (inspired by Sophie) used the couch to launch himself onto Sophie's highchair tray for any leftovers from Sophie's supper.

No pictures were taken and obviously nothing is safe. Everything is subject to our little climbers goals... whether it is food or simply a play toy or friend.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Showdown at Sunset

The past several Saturdays in El Dorado, Main Street has put on "Showdown at Sunset" with players reenacting a shootout that took place in El Dorado on Oct. 9, 1902. This shootout began the feud between the Tuckers and the Parnells.

The tale goes that when Miss Jessie Stevenson (assistant for a photography studio owned by Bob Mullens) turned down an offer of marriage from her boss- Robert 'Bob' Mullens- because she was previously engaged, she called for the help of Marshal Guy Tucker to break up a fight between her boss and her fiance'. When Marshal Guy Tucker and his deputy Harrison Dearing were taking Bob Mullens' to the courthouse jail to cool his temper, Mullen's was shot and killed.

Many believed it was Marshal Guy Tucker because he was very staunch in his opposition to his authority and therefore power happy. The Parnell's, although not involved in the disagreement between Mullens' and Jessie's fiance', also believed Tucker to be guilty.

Marshall Tucker later prevented the Parnell's from completing their construction of their new general store in town for unknown reasons. When the Parnell's approached him, angry about the financial and business set backs from their general store, Marshal Tucker refused to discuss the issue. The Parnells, still upset, did walk away with the issue unresolved, but when someone nearby called the Parnell's cowards, it quickly resulted in a gun fight- killing 3 (2 of the Parnell brothers- Walter and Jim and Deputy Harrison Dearing) and wounding 1 (Marshal Tucker).

Anyway, this beginning gunfight later encouraged several other fights between the families- killing several.

The actors did a good job, but while it was artfully done, I'm not sure how 'toddler-friendly' it was. Sophie couldn't sit still through any of it, and Brian spent most of the time walking her around the Main Street district. And the gun shots (there were several) were very very loud.

Regardless, it was a neat thing to do as a family on a Saturday evening.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Tasteful Tips on Dining Etiquette

Hello all desiring debutantes! Today Sophie would like to demonstrate the proper and lady-like way to eat an OREO cookie. Please observe and take notes.

For previous tasteful tips click HERE.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Culture of Camden

Apparently we have a rap star here in Camden who recently made a homemade movie/music video. In the video you can witness the Camden Police Department, Camden Fire Department, the downtown district, and the Ivory Heights projects. So for those of you who would like to see Camden through the eyes of a native singing their original rap music, by all means- CLICK HERE.

*And no... I'm not in it.*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nighttime Nakedness

We are in the process of potty training and sometimes when I check on Sophie at night I'll see that she pulled her diaper off, threw in on the ground, and continued sleeping blissfully naked.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cooling in the Pool

August, the last month of summer, is here and we are approaching fall quickly. Public school classes begin this Thursday, which means an end to summer vacations and a return to school and work for teachers. Before schools open and the pools close, we were invited to spend some time at the pool in Smackover. It didn't have the water slide, but Sophie still had fun and still threw a fit when we loaded up the car to leave. Anyway... thanks Ashley and Candi for some pool time!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Pictures Provided by Kayla

A weekend or two ago when we were in Kansas, I did a horrible job of taking pictures. Luckily, when we were in Alma, Aunt Kayla and Grandma Oney spent a ton of time with Sophie and took lots of pictures for me. Here are the pictures that Aunt Kayla sent from Sophie's last weekend in Kansas.

Play area in the Topeka Mall:

Aunt Kayla took Sophie took the public pool in Alma:

Spending some quality time with Grandma:

Hanging out around Grandma's house:

Going on stroller rides!

Aunt Kayla thank you for the pictures, but also for all the quality time and attention you gave Sophie. We both appreciate you! And we always appreciate the grandma too!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Beginning the Process of Potty Training

The past few days Sophie has been going through her diapers... wanting them off after a single incident. That includes during the night as well. The past 2 nights when I've gone in to check on her before going to bed myself, I've found Sophie happily and nakedly asleep and her diaper on the floor beside her crib.

So Brian, Sophie, and I headed to Walmart and picked out a special 'big girl' pink potty for her. We talked about going potty and even have some thick pink cotton panties for her as well. M&Ms were also purchased and explained that it was a special snack when she went. Sophie was proud of her potty and had the box right next to her car seat on the ride home (with her little arm holding it next to her). And she loves the cushy seat. The only problem- she wants nothing to do with sitting on it!

So instead of actually trying to start the potty training process and the big girl panties this week, I'm spending the whole week trying to get her to actually SIT on the potty. She doesn't even have to do anything... except sit on it. I have a feeling though this 'potty training thing' is going to take a lot longer than I expected.

If anyone has any tips... I'd love to hear them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Concerning Crayons

Poison Control Center says most of their phone calls come from parents of 2 year olds who have put something or other in their mouths... well... Sophie is starting that early.

When I left her she was quietly playing in the living room with her toys, so I took that opportunity to clean the kitchen. When I finished I came to the living room to check on Sophie and she was biting off the tips and chewing on crayons! I grabbed the crayons from her hands and put them on the dining room table, sitting them next to the camera.

Is it bad that before I finished cleaning her up and taking the remainder of crayons that I grabbed the camera and took a picture? I'm a bad mom.

Anyway, after swabbing out her mouth and taking away all the crayons and tidbits, I called my mother-in-law about what I should do. I mean... moms know about kids and crayons right? She suggested calling the Poison Control Center... just in case.

After talking to someone at the Poison Control Center I was informed that kids are notorious for putting anything "Crayola" in their mouth. She suggested giving Sophie lots of water to wash the rest of the crayons down. She said the worst that could happen is that Sophie would get constipated and have colorful poop. Well... if that is the worst... I can deal with it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Update

It's been a long and hectic weekend and here is just a quick recap of things. I did not take many pictures, but here are some of the few I did take.

First we stopped at Grammy & Grandpa Barton in Wichita, where we visited, worked out, played on the trampoline, and saw most of my brothers and sisters as well. And Sophie also continued to love (aka-torture) the cats and dog with lots of hugs and kisses.

Then we went to Alma where we spent time with Brian's family. There we spent some time at the playground, the city swimming pool, a church picnic, and at Brian's ten year high school reunion.

We also spent some time with Corrie and Nathan and Allen while they were also in town for the reunion.

I'm sorry that I don't have more pictures or more to write... but I'll post more later. Hopefully, I'll have some more pictures being emailed to me as well.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Talk about Tomatoes

At the beginning of June I purchased and planted a potted tomato plant to give Sophie. It was an attempt to teach her about chores and responsibility. For awhile it went ok, but eventually it turned out that it was Brian and I watering the darn thing while Sophie sat on the front porch steps and watched. In the full heat it also withered quickly. We got a max of 2 tomatoes. But I'm just happy we got any at all. Needless to say... Sophie needs a few more years before accepting the responsibility of a fish.

Farewell Haner Family

The Haner family is leaving Arkansas and heading to Georgia, where they will be closer to some family. While we have only been in Camden for a year, the Haner family has been extremely welcoming. We've had many adventures and trips with the Haners and are really sad to see them go... even though it is for the best.

The Adams & Dorey family had a 'going away' celebration at the park. It was so nice to wish them well before they leave. Plus it gave the kids a chance to play together one last time. Of course, Sophie didn't exactly play very nice and we ended up leaving a little early because someone had issues with hitting. Here are some pictures from the park:

Anyway... we wish the Haner family the best of everything in Georgia!