Thursday, September 30, 2010

Body Parts

For awhile now, we've been working with Sophie on her body parts. She can now correctly identify most of her body parts. Her favorite thing to find of course being her belly button.

Anyway, here is a video of her. She's just so darn cute!

Monday, September 27, 2010

They're Back

You know we have done everything possible to make this aging, poorly maintained, structure clean. Dishes are done daily, rooms are dusted and vacuumed weekly, and at the end of the day, most everything is picked up and cleaned up. And yet... we still have a mouse problem that is pissing me off. Our pantry has nothing but canned goods and items in durable Rubbermaid tubs and the mice still are finding time to frolic around the place pooping where they please. Our landlady had an area sealed up and some mouse poison positioned strategically (away from Sophie and towards mouse-traffic). And you can tell that the packets of mouse poison have been eaten. And STILL we have mice. And today I caught one. So, as I look at my mouse chart, I can tell you that since living here, we've killed/caught 19 mice. This is not counting any mice who have eaten the poison and dropped dead somewhere else unbeknown to us. This is just counting those that we have caught in mouse traps.

You know it's things like this that really are making me look forward to moving.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Goodbye Grammy B

We were lucky to get to spend 4 days with my mom- Grammy B- this week. Sophie loved the extra attention and love. Plus, Grammy brought a suitcase and backpack just full of new and interesting things. Sophie decided that Grammy's suitcase was a nice and comfy place for her baby to sleep. And she put in baby's blanket, sippy cup, and even a Husker football in there for baby too... just in case.

She also discovered Grammy's wallet and shades. Luckily, no cash was spent.

And when Grammy B told Sophie she had to leave, little Sophie cried.

Anyway, thanks Grammy B for coming to visit us!

Soggy Barn Sale

Today we spent the wet muddy morning at the Barn Sale in Camden. The Historic Tate Barn is a registered National Historic Place dating it to 1880. However, I have no clue if there is anything significant about it; other than since 1968 the Barn Sale takes place there every last weekend of September.

They had tons of craft booths available as we trudged through water puddles (which Sophie enjoyed jumping in) and large pits of mud.

In addition to crafts, the pond had several ducks and 2 swans swimming around.

There were lots of neat crafts and a lot of neat things that I wanted but didn't need. However, I just couldn't resist this especially since these past few months I've been a housewife... perhaps even a mad one.

After 1 purchase and lots of walking, we made our way out of the mud and rain and headed home to dry off and get some lunch.

For more information about the Barn Sale click HERE

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Girls Go Visiting Petit Jean Park

The three generations of women took a trip to Petit Jean State Park today... while Brian got to spend his birthday at work. It was a little over 3 hours away from Camden, but it was worth it!

We first stopped at Stout's Point where we got to see a beautiful overlook. We were high up and got to look down over the Arkansan river. There was also a decaying lodge there that was donated by the Stout family to the YMCA at the park. Sophie enjoyed poking around in all the corners.

We also got to see the supposide gravesite of Petit Jean. Petit Jean was actually a French woman who rather than stay back in France and wait until her fiancee to return from America, decided to follow him dressed as a man. Apparently, she made a convincing man, but because of her stature she was called "Little John" or in French Petit Jean. After coming to America, she continued to follow her fiancee disguised as a man, until she became ill in the area of Arkansas. She revealed her identity to her fiancee and begged him to help her climb the mountain where she wished to die up on top. Her wish was granted and supposidly this is her resting place. I couldn't imagine a more perfect place to look out on the glory of God's nature with someone you love beside you. It was a beautiful spot.

Next we headed towards Cedar Falls to see the 94 foot waterfall. But we were disappointed to find out that the waterfall is fueled by rainwater and was currently "dried up". But again, the beautiful rock formations and the drop was astounding. You could tell where the water typically falls because their is an area where the rock has a dark area from constantly being damp.

Sophie did a good job hiking throughout the whole park. Sometimes she would hold our hand or clothing to help her up and down different rocks, but for the most part she wanted to do it herself.

And I think we did a pretty good job of keeping pace with Sophie on the hiking too!

Here was one rock that seemed to either crush a tree or the tree grew around the rock.

After some brief hiking we made our way to Lake Bailey to cool off and dip our feet in the water. Sophie did dip her feet in the water for a little while, but preferred being held.

Overall it was a great trip. We spent a little over 2 hours there and did make it back before Brian got home from work.

For more information about Petit Jean State Park, click HERE

*Additional note- Petit Jean is pronounced "Petty Gene"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Husker Mania

I've been living almost 4 years with a Husker maniac. There is something about Husker fans that make them cling on to their football team or college as if it was a devout faith. You can bet that any day a game is on, a Husker fan will find some way to get the game, whether it be tv, internet, or radio. You can also bet that Husker fans are able to spit facts and figures at a moments notice so they are capable of enlightenment and conversion. And if you marry someone who is a Husker and you are of an opposite faith (aka- another college football team) they will go to loving lengths to try and convert you to the one true football team. They will make you memorize the 3 great football coaches before they offer to assist you around the house (Devany, Osborne, Pelini). They will make you aware of the season's players as well as past players who are now playing for the NFL before allowing you to say grace over a meal.

Somewhere in my mind I wonder if Brian decided (by himself) that if he became Catholic... it was my duty to become a Husker. And therefore our daughter being baptized Catholic, also inducts her into the faith of Nebraska football.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just give in so he'll leave me alone. Then again, if I do give in I'm afraid he'll try to Husker-fy the house. I don't think I could live with a corn-cob color kitchen with big red Ns all over the place. Or a bedroom that was nothing but red (and I'm not talking about in a tasteful way either).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ayudame Personas de Espanol

Por mis amigos quien le gustan mas la lingua espanol que el ingles. Yo estudio espanol muy bien este mes. Leyendo, escribiendo, y eschuchando muy bien, pero no hablo muy bien. Por favor, mis amigos, me gusto unas cartas o emails en espanol.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stuff from Aunt Suzi

Aunt Suzi sent our family a box full of goodies from Nebraska. Including tons and tons of Nebraska Husker gear- including shirts, sweatpants, socks, popcorn, glassware, tattoos, you name it. Needless to say, Brian is in "Husker Heaven" with all the Husker items that have been added, particularly the "bad call brick". I see that being used OFTEN. Perhaps I won't hear him screaming and yelling so much, since he can throw a brick at the tv or computer. Doubtful... but one can wish right?

Suzi also included some very fun and very 'girly' items for Sophie. In addition to a Husker shirt:

Sophie received 2 coloring books with special marks and some dress-up shoes and tiaras. After Sophie's nap I had her go through the box to see what Aunt Suzi sent her and she was very very happy! She wanted to wear the pink butterfly shoes immediately and color. Eating dinner just didn't seem to be as pressing as it was a few minutes before she got to dig through a box of presents. Here is the video we took of her going through Suzi's care package:

Anyway, thanks Suzi for everything. It was all appreciated!

Bring on the Bubbles!

There is just something cute and fun about a baby in the bathtub.

Personalized Potty

We have been working for awhile on getting Sophie potty trained. She will occasionally sit on the potty, but not all the way and has never actually "used" it. Recently I read some parenting articles that said you should personalize a child's potty; so when some free stickers from Disney came in the mail Sophie and I sat down in the bathroom sticker-fied her pink potty. She felt compelled to use "all" of the stickers... including the ones that say Happy Birthday.

Here is the result.

We will see if this makes her more apt to sit on it when she gets "that feeling".

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playdate with Colin

Colin Adams came over for a playdate with Sophie and during that time I learned a few things:

1. Paint that comes in the packages for the Sun catchers, may be washable, but you really have to scrub to get that stuff off of the kids, the table, and the wall.

2. Need to be prepared to think outside the box... or in this case... the art project. Colin is an abstract thinker. I put down lots of paper and then the sun catchers so they could have some fun things to paint. Sophie figured it out fast and started painting 2 sun catchers. Colin... went straight to painting the paper I had put down underneath. Didn't even think they'd be interested in painting the paper rather than the sun catchers.

3. We need more 'boy' toys.

4. When you don't have a ton of interesting toys, kids will without a doubt find something else they find entertaining.

5. Tying into #4, all kids seemed to be born with the knowledge and later the skills to jump on beds.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Purple Power

If Brian is allowed to brainwash our child... shouldn't I have the same rights?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

BIG RED Brainwashing

It's Saturday and therefore 'Game Day'. Brian is already busy at work prepping everyone for the Nebraska v. Idaho game.

Sophie is dressed. And she herself added some of my shoes to her wardrobe. Brian appreciated her shoe selection and HAD to take a few pictures.

And since we are nowhere near Nebraska or Idaho, Brian had to set up his computer so he could hear the Husker game and watch the KU game.

And once he heard the music for the Nebraska tunnel walk... he grabbed Sophie and they started jamming to the music.

Anyone else think this is a little excessive?