Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Night 2010

It's Halloween and Sophie was introduced to Trick or Treating. Again, we got the kids prepared. Sophie again put on her Snow White costume and Oscar's bee costume was rediscovered from the closet.

In the early afternoon we went to a church Fall Festival, where Sophie got to play with Ellie and Colin. She also got her first balloon animal.

Then we went home for supper. It was probably a good idea in the Snow White story that she ate a poisoned apple as opposed to poisoned spaghetti, because I think after seeing this face... a prince might hesitate to pucker up.

Once the sun started to set, Sophie got an opportunity to trick or treat for the first time. After a house or two she figured out that she needed to carry her basket and knock on the door. The rest of it, well... she hasn't quite got the hang of it. Once someone opened the door... she took that as an invitation to come on in to their homes. Some had dogs, others had toys, that caught Sophie's attention. But either way Sophie made herself right at home.

After going to 5 houses, we headed home and let Sophie select one of her items to eat before going to bed. She was thrilled.

And Oscar was hopeful for a piece.

I'm curious to see how things go tomorrow and the following days when she realizes that Halloween (and therefore the getting dressed up and getting candy) is over.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rules for Trick or Treating

After witnessing a few "Trick or Treaters" today I feel like there should be some rules for Halloween. Never thought I'd say this, but after a few things I saw... I just feel like perhaps other people would support these ideas too.

1. If you are older than 13, you do not go trick or treating for candy. You can be there as a "supervising adult" for the younger children... but not as a tricker-treater. I couldn't believe it but I saw fullgrown adults in their 30s who were rushing to get from house to house (some with kids... some without).

That's it. That's my rule. I couldn't believe what I witnessed on the streets of Camden today. I'd never witnessed anything like it before. I mean I understand that there are several poor or impoverished children who could not afford costumes and still decided to go trick or treating (I'm totally fine with that). But for the adults to do it too? Not so cool.

So... what do you think? Am I just over-exaggerating the need for this "rule" or would you support it as well?

Discovering Sugar

This year Sophie discovered the holiday of Halloween. And by saying this she got to experience both Trick or Treating and a "sugar rush".

Dressed as Snow White we began the evening going trick or treating at the downtown stores in Camden. Sophie wasn't too sure about this, but when she realized that a woman put a lollypop in her bag she was happy.

Next we made our way to 1st Presbyterian church for their Halloween-fall festival party. Sophie got to get more candy. The sugar frenzy began.

Then we had a party at the Dorey's home and there was even more candy and treats. This time we all dressed up as a family. Sophie remained Snow White, but Brian and I dressed as her security detail.

Again, we did our best to limit, but she managed to sneak some into her mouth before we could stop her.

Needless to say she spent the evening of the party high on sugar and low on good manners. We had to leave the party early and put our little princess to bed early.

I think tomorrow we will very carefully monitor the amount of candy that Sophie gets. Afterwards, we'll probably also follow in a tradition and give some of Sophie's candy to the poor. So... who feels poor and wants candy?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We live in Southern Arkansas and the weather was a sunshiny 70-degrees. Then out of nowhere it seemed, the clouds came... followed by hail.

I was not expecting the hail. And I know that it IS the end of October and the weather is getting cooler, but we are in Southern Arkansas. Just seemed a little early to be getting hail. But hey, what do I know. I'm just glad that we were home when it happened.

Three in One

In our little church in Camden, we were lucky to have 3 new additions. One in July (Bailey), one in September (Yzabela), and one in October (Melanie). Rather than have 3 separate baby showers each month, we decided to celebrate each of the babies and their mothers in one big baby shower. (That's right Six Sigma... I'm bringing on the KAIZAN power)

We even had an amazing cake provided by Kati Vollmer!

And while there were lots of gifts, and lots of trash later, we surprisingly did not have a lot of people attend. Which I guess was their loss because we had tons of cake leftover. And the cake was very yummy- chocolate chip Bulvarian cream... yeah... that's right... you missed out.

Anyway, as long as Lindsay, Yvette, and Lorraine had a good time and their babies got lots of little 'welcome to the world' gifts... I'd call it a success.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leave it to Beaver

This post is not about another infestation... not really.

When Grandpa Oney was at a trappers convention he returned with a beaver for Sophie. This beaver was made with real beaver fur and is the perfect size for a her.

Anyway, I wanted to let Grandpa Oney know that 'Beaver' (or the Beav) is being well taken care of. The Beav often occupies a small area of Sophie's crib, along with a few other friends (Pooh, baby, Violet, ...)

And occasionally, Sophie even lets him hang out with her while she eats (so long as he doesn't try to take any of her sausage).

Beav's got a pretty plush life here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Schitt

Last year, Sophie and I created/introduced Jack Schitt. He was a very happy and charming fellow who was with us until November when he met with a tragic end.

This year, we would like to introduce you to Dip Schitt. Apparently, Dip is a family name that has been passed down to several generations of Schitt. Dip Schitt is a native Arkansan from Malvern. He enjoys hunting, tent revivals, and pumpkin pie. When we were in Malvern, he told us about the unfortunate incidents regarding his foreclosed trailer, and we decided to help out Dip and let him stay at our place for a little while till he gets back on his feet... or his feet back... whatever.

Welcome to Camden Dip Schitt.

For more information about last years guest- Jack Schitt. Click HERE

Painting Pumpkins

As previously stated in the blog, Sophie and I went to a pumpkin patch in Malvern, where we promptly returned with 2 pumpkins. One for Sophie, and one for the 'family' (ok ok... one for me).

Sophie was very proud of her pumpkin. Not only was it the perfect size, but she picked it out herself! Can you guess, which one is hers?

And while Sophie's pumpkin was the perfect size for her, it was not the perfect size for carving. So... we painted them!

Sophie's was artistically done... while mine is the "less mature" one. Again, can you guess which one is mine?

In case you are having difficulty, here is a picture of Sophie showing off her pumpkin, while sitting next to mine.

I just love the Halloween holiday.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Motorcycle Man-Trip

This weekend Brian and some other men took their motorcycles across the state of Arkansas and even into southern Missouri. Dorey, Eric, Matt, and Brian left around 8 on Friday and didn't return until after 4 on Sunday.

Camping gear and a few personal items were packed and strapped to the bike.

There first night was spent at Mt. Nebo State Park and the second night was at Bull Shoals State Park. Since both Sophie and I had came down with a cold and a low-grade fever, we were very glad Brian was finally home!

Here are some pictures from his ride (provided by Eric... Thanks Eric!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Picking Pumpkins at the Family Farm

Today Sophie and I, the Tomko family, and the Lugert family made our way to Malvern to the Family Farm Pumpkin Patch. They had practically anything you'd want to do there.

They had a petting zoo consisting of 2 very friendly camels, a baby zebra, a donkey, chickens, ducks, and goats. My favorite was the camels.

Sophie thought the camels were ok; however, she was interested in petting EVERY dog there. And there were several.

They also had hay bales arranged to make tunnels and stairs for slides. It was a pretty creative activity.

Then Sophie got her face painted.

And the kids got an opportunity to investigate a teepee.

Funny story, nearby the teepee Alan Tomko found a bottle of alcohol. Not exactly something you expect to find.

Later, we took the hay rack ride to the puppet show. By then Sophie was starting to get a little tired.

And of course, they had the pumpkin patch!

Some of the other things they had available for kids that we didn't participate in were train rides, fishing, paddle boats, and canoeing. Besides we needed to get home for the Nebraska vs. Texas game.

Go Huskers!

For more information about Family Farm's Pumpkin Patch click HERE