Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Significant Assembly Required

Today is Sophie's birthday and we could think of no better gift to give her than a little play kitchen. Every time I pick her up from MOPS or Mom's Day Out she is always playing with the kitchen. And she is always very eager to help me around the kitchen as well. So this weekend when we were in Fayetteville, Brian and I spent part of our date night looking for sales on little kitchens. After a trip to Target and Toys R Us, we found a kitchen at K-Mart. The only downside was that the box took up almost all the space in our trunk, and therefore left little room for our luggage.

However, we made it home with everything and allowed Sophie to unwrap her presents- first, a Mrs. Potato Head and coloring book from Kayla.

And then her little kitchen.

But as we opened the box we found that nothing was assembled, but was a box full of pieces and 2 pages front and back with 16 step instructions!

So Brian and I spent the better part of the evening (with Sophie) assembling the 100+ parts.

Needless to say, Sophie better play with this kitchen at least until she turns 18 and leaves for college!

Mt. Nebo & Petite Jean State Parks

On Sunday we left Devil's Den and made our way back to Camden. However, we decided to take the longer route back by stopping at Mount Nebo (where Brian had previously gone with the guys on their trans-Arkansas motorcycle ride) and Petite Jean (where Mom, Sophie, and I went in September).

Mount Nebo (rising 1,350 feet with beautiful sunrise and sunset viewing points)

Petit Jean (Arkansas' first state park based on the legend of the French girl who disguises herself as a boy and explores America)

Both areas were beautiful and I'm glad we had an opportunity to see them both before we leave Arkansas. The state parks and hiking opportunities that Arkansas offers will be sorely missed.

For more information on Mount Nebo click HERE.
And for more information on Petite Jean click HERE.

Pictures from Devil's Den Holiday

More pictures from our Thanksgiving holiday at Devil's Den.
In no particular order.

For more information about Devil's Den State Park click HERE.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Devil's Den Hiking Trail

On Black Friday, we spent our mid morning and afternoon hiking around the caves along the Devil's Den trail. Devil's Den is the home of several species of bats (two of these species are on the endangered list).

This rocky 1.5 mile hike took us around Devil's Den and Devil's Icebox and other beautiful rock formations and the Twin Waterfalls.

The beautiful scenery and the caves afforded us lots of picture opportunities.

Here we are at the Devil's Icebox. Named such due to the cold temperature that this particular cave gets.

Devil's Den cave and also the state park were named thusly because supposedly this cave was used as a home or hideaway for outlaws.

The caves were currently closed to prevent the White Nose disease from infecting the bats. However, you can see just how elaborate and deep these caves went.

And since the bats were currently in hibernation, we didn't see any of them on our trip.

Despite it's length and steepness, Sophie did remarkably well. Unlike the Yellow Rock trail, Sophie walked the whole 1.5 mile length of this trail. I was extremely impressed.

Just another perfect way to spend the holidays!

Yellow Rock Hiking Trail

Again on Saturday the weather was beautiful and we decided to explore the 2 mile moderate Yellow Rock Hiking trail. Sophie and Oscar did exceptionally well; however, Sophie ended up hiking only about 1/3rd of the trip and being rotated and carried the remaining 2/3rds of the way.

Sophie particularly enjoyed climbing on the rocks and the rockier portions of the trail.

Oscar didn't seem to have much of a problem with the trail at all and was happy for the opportunity to be outside.

When Sophie was walking, she noticed Carmen and Grammy using walking sticks. So she decided she needed a walking stick too. So she collected one of her own.

There was an outstanding view from the top of Yellow Rock looking down over the Boston Mountains.

Also while walking we also noticed a tree that looked remarkably like Pooh's home in the Hundred Acre woods. So of course we had to take a picture.

It was so nice to have beautiful weather and beautiful scenery and trails. It was such an adventurous way to spend the holidays.