Monday, February 28, 2011

Dabbling around Dealey Plaza

While LaNelle and Kayla were here we went to Dealey Plaza and checked out the area where John F. Kennedy was assassinated. And as the plaque says outside the building, this previous book depository building is the site where "Lee Harvey Oswald ALLEGEDLY shot and killed President John F. Kennedy". While I agree with that statement, I thought it was interesting that the National government agreed to such a plaque since the federal government has always been so adamant at placing the blame at Lee Harvey Oswald, and rejecting all conspiracy theories.

Outside the building along the highway, 'x' marks have been made along the road showing where the first and second bullets were aimed. Or more specifically, where the car and Kennedy were when the bullets struck and kill him.

Also nearby was the 'grassy knoll' where the mysterious second shooter is reputed to have been.

Sophie and I took our picture near the Grassy Knoll.

We didn't go inside the museum, but perhaps at another time... when Brian could join us and perhaps Sophie is older.
For more information about the museum, click HERE.

Oney Ladies in Texas

Here are some of the pictures from this weekend, when LaNelle and Kayla came to visit us in Arlington.

Sophie pushing Grammy on the swing.

Sophie taking pictures of her family.

Donuts for breakfast

Oscar gets some attention from Grammy.

Texting like her daddy.

Playing in the park with Aunt Kayla.

Getting a tubby from Daddy and Aunt Kayla.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Return to the Workforce

After my Valentine's Day interview, I got a job! So this was my last week as a stay-at-home mom. I'm trading in my 8am alarm for a 5am one; Sesame Street and grilled cheese at 11 for an hour lunch in a break room; and trips to the library for trips to and from work in DFW rush hour traffic. Sophie will also experience some changes and will be spending the day at a nearby preschool. It's going to be a week of many changes and hopefully all will be ok... for both Sophie and I.

Here is my day-by-day update of our first week of changes:

Monday- Sophie went to Preschool for her first day. There was a lot of crying as I left (I got teary-eyed also). My first day of work was Tuesday (the following day), but while Sophie was at school I made a trip to work to figure out the commute time from Soph's daycare. Later when I picked Sophie up (an hour or two earlier) she was happy to see me. I got lots of hugs. She didn't want me to put her down. But when I asked if she had fun at school, she answered "Yeah". However, the teacher did tell me that 'binkies' were not allowed at school, so we figured it's time to start weening her off of them the following day.

Tuesday- Today was my first day of work and Sophie's second day of Preschool. Again she seemed excited to go to school until it was time for me to leave. This time there was more crying (from both of us), but I had to get to work on time for 'badging' and a mini-orientation. Work was good and pretty similar to what I had done at Cessna so I figure that within the week I'll be flying through all the tasks and have to find stuff to do. When I picked Sophie up she was again very happy, but I didn't get a ton of hugs like I did on Monday. Later in the evening though while I tried to make supper she was extremely fussy and threw tantrums. Same way with going to bed. Part of it was the possibility that she might not have slept during 'nap time' at school, or it might have been in part to us 'banning the binkie' at home. Eventually I choked and let her have a binkie for bedtime. But bedtime only. Later, we'll try and even ban her from having the binkie at bedtime.

Wednesday- Today was better than Tuesday, but still not an easy day. I decided to spend breakfast with Sophie, but Sophie realized that I usually left while she was eating breakfast so she figured if she held on to me and didn't eat breakfast... I wouldn't leave. So we spent about 20 minutes this morning at the daycare playing together with cars. She still hasn't really formed any 'friends' there, which I think would really help. Anyway, 20 minutes went by and I had to leave her.... again crying.... again with promises of "I love you" and "Mommy will come back". At work, I arrived early and then (of course) had computer issues I had to work around all day. More and more need to know info and names and faces filled my brain to the brink and I hope when the time comes I'm able to remember everyone, their job responsibility, and what they need from me and I from them. When I picked Sophie up from daycare she was having circle time with her classmates and was very happy to see me. And once she was fed supper, she was the happiest child ever.... before supper.... well... not so happy.

Thursday- Day 4 of Preschool and Sophie is slowly starting to get a little better with leaving me. Yes... she still clung to me the whole time. Yes... she still cried when I had to let her go. But after I dropped her off I stayed behind the 1 way window and watched her. She didn't want the teacher or other kids, but wanted to be left alone to morn the loss of her mommy. However, when her teacher came, she left her corner, dried her tears, and lined up with the other children to walk to their room. That made it easier for me to go to work knowing that she was ok. Since Brian has school tonight, I picked Sophie up and decided to have a "girls night" with her. We went to the library, had supper, watched a movie, and then played together. Fingers are crossed that Friday will be an even better day regarding Sophie and school.

Friday- Last day of the week and Sophie and I are thrilled for a break. Sophie did better today (again.... still crying and clinging) but it wasn't too bad. Work was unusually busy, and it didn't help that I wasn't informed it was casual Friday... and after not knowing this I came to work in 3 inch heels. Anyway, it's been (obviously) a l--o--n--g week. When I put Sophie to bed tonight with a book, she was asleep within 5 minutes.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Me Too!

Today I got the opportunity to help a friend out by watching 2 of her children- Bronson and Capri. Since it's been awhile since I've watched more than 1 or 2 children, it took me awhile to find my rhythm watching 2 toddlers and a baby... but I assure you... it didn't take me long to find it. Perhaps because at least 10 years of my life has been dedicated to watching either my siblings (6 of them) or actually babysitting other people's children as a tween and teen.

Either way, Sophie adores Bronson (also 2) and they did EVERYTHING together!

Play the piano.


Wear goofy googles.

Wear hats.

And when Bronson went down for a nap, she helped me with little Capri. She even watched and helped when I changed her diaper. And fetched Capri toys and her binky and blanket when needed.

Our Sophie just loves to be included!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our View of SMU

Today I braved the traffic and drove through downtown Dallas. The fingernail marks on the steering wheel testify to the truth of this. Sophie and I went to see Brian at Southern Methodist University (SMU) before his classes started. It was a beautiful campus.

Sophie loved to go to the different water fountains and see or touch the water.

The main reason we went was to go to the university museum to see the Lost Manuscripts from the Sistine Chapel! It was AWESOME! Books from the 11th century to the 18th century with illuminated text! The only thing that disappointed me was that I could not take any pictures inside the museum. :( So many lost photo opportunities.

At least I got some good photos of the campus and Sophie.

For those of you in the DFW area who are interested in seeing the Lost Manuscripts of the Sistine Chapel, click HERE for information.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts for Hiring

Those of us unemployed know the anxiety that follows after an interview. I think it went well, did they? Did I talk too much? Um, I hope they had a sense of humor. And of course the dreaded... "What if....". And the anxiety seems to double when your interview just happens to be on Valentine's Day AND you are told that they plan to have a decision made that same day.

Today I had such an interview. And so far I've been attempting to stay busy so I'm not overwhelmed by the looming anxiety and 'What if' questions. And I thought of a brilliant marketing idea. You know those conversation hearts that only seem to appear on Valentine's Day with those cheezy sayings- Be Mine, TXT ME, XOXO, blah blah blah. Why not make them a year round thing? Heck, they don't even have to be heart shaped. I'd love to take some into an interview. Except instead of the potential boss seeing things like 'I love you', they'll see things like "References Rock" or "Hire ME".

Some other ideas for interview conversation heart text include: Has BA, Has MA, Has MBA, Works Hard, 70 WPM, Ready now, Be my Boss, I'm a 10, A Good Fit, MS Pro, and Good Skills.

So am I crazy, or is this a good idea!?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Currently in Kansas

On Tuesday before the 2nd round of snow hit Kansas, Sophie and I left 55 degree weather in Texas and headed to Wichita. With a detour in Oklahoma City (yeah... I got lost), we got into Wichita around midnight.

We came just in time for some more snow.

We've been here for a couple of days now and Sophie has enjoyed playing with ALL of the animals. She even made sure they were taken care of. When Mom gave kitty a bath, Sophie made sure that kitty had tubby toys for a more pleasurable bath time experience. And when Dakota was sleeping, Sophie made sure he had a blanket and pillows. One time she even offered up her binky to the dog.

And spent time playing with Aunt Lizzie and Aunt Ashley (she loves their toys).

And went to take valentines day heart cookies to Uncle Ben at work. Lastly, she has been getting spoiled by Grammy and Papa (Grandpa).