Saturday, April 30, 2011

Basket Hunt

For Easter, Brian and I started a tradition last year which requires Sophie to follow an Easter egg trail in order to find her Easter basket. Last year she loved it, so... why not continue with it.

Similar to the Easter egg hunt, Sophie had more interest in picking the eggs up and giving them to me (once her hands became too full to carry them all).

Once she found her basket, the first thing she saw and wanted was the coloring book.

We had to redirect her by telling her that there was actually more stuff inside the basket. So she brought her basket to Dad and they went through it together.

Ultimately though, her favorite things from the basket were the coloring book and crayons, both of which she generously shared with Aunt Kayla and Dad.

And while we do celebrate Easter with eggs and baskets, we realize that Easter is not about baskets, bunnies, or eggs. But that Easter is about everyone getting a glorious gift, which is so big that it cannot fit into an Easter basket. Happy Easter everyone! And thank you Oney family for letting us celebrate Easter with you.

Egg Frenzy

We headed north to Kansas for Easter this year, as opposed to last year when we spent Easter in Camden. While we were in Kansas, we decided to take Sophie to the Wamego City Easter Egg Hunt. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but all-in-all we were excited to let Sophie participate in the Easter egg hunt. Last year, she had 2 experiences with Easter egg hunts (1 good, 1 bad). But this year Sophie was older and would know just what to do. Plus, at home she'd been going around the house emptying my bowl of empty easter eggs and popping them open. And just in case she couldn't remember last years festivities, I spent some time in the morning reminding her to pick up eggs and put them in her basket. In which her response was "Yeah" to everything.
"Are you going to pick up eggs and put them in your basket?" "Yeah!"
"Does this look fun?" "Yeah!"
"Are you excited?" "Yeah!"
"Are you ready?" "Yeah!"

And then the whistle blows for the egg hunt to begin, hundreds of hungry kids are rushing all over the place, and Sophie decides this isn't fun... this is scary. She wants to be held. Who cares about some dumb eggs... she wants MOM!

So I held her and we tried to find a spot that still has eggs on the ground (the kids had a 5 egg limit so I was lucky that there were some left).

Eventually though, she was happy to get down and pick up her eggs by herself.

And she showed her basket to Dad, Grammy O., and Aunt Kayla too. Proudly showing off her 5 eggs.

Then since she couldn't get anymore than her 5 eggs, Sophie decides that she'd rather play on the playground equipment. So Dad and Grammy O. very kindly opened her eggs, collected her prizes (personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut, a princess book, and a cookie) for her, while Sophie was able to run around and inspect all the playground equipment.

We had a great time together!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Pictures- Botanica

With Easter just around the corner, we were so grateful when the Bogans were kind enough to help us take some family pictures at Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

Here are some of our favorites.

And yes... Stacey likes the family to be color coordinated.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Catch-Up

Sorry it has been awhile since I've had an opportunity to blog. Not too terrible much has happened in the past few weeks. Mostly just lots of dieting and exercise. We did take some pictures at Botanica Gardens in Fort Worth last weekend and plan to spend this Easter weekend in Kansas.

I'm sure in the coming days I'll have more to report, but until then "Goodnight and Big Balls"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Where's the Wiener Dog?

Do you see our wiener dog Oscar?

Hmm... what about from this angle?

See him now?

Our weiner dog Oscar LOVES to snuggle. And he also loves that he is the only person (other than Brian) routinely allowed to enter the MAN CAVE. And in the Man Cave... well... this is his spot, inside a pillow case between the pillow and the pillowcase. Right next to Brian's desk and computer chair.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crafting on a Budget- Easter

I'm not the most crafty person in the world, but I love the few things I've done and would love to transform my home into something you'd find from Country Living magazine. Of course with a limited budget means limited decoration. But I've found a few ways to make the most of some of the things I already had and used them to decorate the house for spring and Easter.

First off, I've had this organza purple cloth since before I was married. I got in on sale years ago and was thinking of using it in my wedding. Which I don't think I ever did. It's made it into the boxes for 3 moves, but it hasn't really been used. So while I was decorating I thought... this would make a beautiful table runner. But I don't have a sewing machine, nor can I really sew. But... I did have a mini-glue gun and you know what it turned out fine!

Then I took a large vase and filled it with different colored hydrangeas (after de-steming and de-leafing them). Then I just put some of my willow tree angels around the base. (I think this is my favorite thing I've done).

Next, I got out all the plastic easter eggs I'd saved from last year and put them in a large glass container I got from my wedding. It is perfect because it's thick glass and holds the sparse amount of eggs I own.

Sophie loves to get in it and pull all the eggs apart and line them up.

I don't mind so much because everytime she pulls one open she says "I did it!"; plus, she will pick them up and put them back in the bowl when she's done.

Also I saw on a blog post (can't remember whose... sorry) who prompted easter eggs on candlestick holders. So I got out 2 of the bigger eggs I had to put up there. But they were kind of bland being just one color, so I got out some white paint and decorated them a bit. They didn't turn out too bad as long as you aren't looking up too close to them.

Lastly, I found these adorable little scrapbook sparrows made from scrapbook paper and paperclips on Charcoal and crayons blog. I'll post pictures of my birds soon (which I'm having pop up just about everywhere), but until then, check them out on the Charcoal and crayons blog by clicking HERE.

Anyway, thought I'd share these little crafty ideas for those of you who want to decorate for Easter, but are on a tight budget.

Dancing in the Kitchen

In our free time Sophie and I do a LOT of dancing in the kitchen. Here are some videos. Please excuse the mess, I was crafting that evening as well (as will show in another post).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Woes of Dieting

If you are lucky, you'll never have had to suffer through the woes of dieting. If you have had to go on a diet... well... you understand.

First thing is you have to realize you are at that point in which you HAVE to diet. No one ever just wakes up and thinks ... hmm.... I might try a diet today, like they would pick out an entree from a menu. You, after several conversations and looks in the mirror, realize you NEED to diet. That you have just reached that point in which not dieting is not an option.

Then you have to find the "right" kind of diet. Do you do the South Beach? Atkins? Low Carb? No Carb? Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? Alli? And then of course there are all of these books that tell you how to diet- 17 Day Diet, Four Hour Body, Belly Fat Cure, The Paleo Solution, and Skinny Bitch.

And no matter what you choose you then have to find time to cook all these meals, exercise, and actually maintain your life and duties at home. And all the stress of it just makes you want that cupcake more and more.

Brian seems happy with the Four Hour Body diet, which is protein/bean intensive and has lost 4 lbs within the week. Me, I tried, but I just cannot eat beans. I hate beans. No, I LOATHE beans. Plus you get the additional joy of saying goodbye to carbs... all carbs. Doesn't matter if that bread is whole grain and heart healthy it is scratched from the list. Same with most dairy products. So after a few days of it (and only a paltry pound shed) I've started a quest for an alternative diet.

One thing I've found (among hundreds of dieting books in the library... and audiobooks too I might add) is a website called SparkPeople. Interesting enough I think it was designed for people like me who need to be held accountable for what they eat and when they exercise. Plus, when things get rough, there is a network on there to support your through all your woes or bitch sessions.

So in addition to challenging myself to an April to August book list, I'm also trying to lose 20 lbs. for my sister's wedding. And if for some reason you are or have experienced these same problems, I share your pain. Truly I do. And if you don't care about my empathy for you, feel free to log on for free to SparkPeople and find millions of other people who will empathize with you.