Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swimming on Sunday

Previously we had no plans for Memorial Weekend, which was pretty disappointing for me considering I'm a travel bug and love excuses to travel and do things. Thankfully, Shauna (Brian's co-worker and fellow SMU student) saved the day and invited us to her Memorial Day Party. AND it was a Pool Party!

So after Sophie's nap we drove up to Shauna's place where Sophie inevitably wanted to get in the pool and wear her new ruffle bikini swimsuit (which has been hanging in her closet for some time and she has been begging to wear it for awhile).

Sophie stayed in the pool longer than any of the other kids. She loved splashing, and playing on the stairs, and sitting on the float while Mom pushed. The water was a definite highlight for her. And on the way home, she kept telling us that she "played in the water".

My highlight wasn't so much the pool as it was the company and the babysitting. After luring Sophie away from the pool (after playing for over an hour in it) I convinced her to change, eat something, and go inside and play with the toys. Shauna had 2 babysitters there to help wrangle and play with the kids so the adults could relax and talk. THAT was MY FAVORITE part. And Sophie didn't mind it too much as the sitters kept her occupied with toys, bubbles, chalk, movies, and food.

By the time we were almost home, Sophie was asleep in her car seat. THANK YOU SHAUNA! That was an excellent Memorial Day party!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sophie Gets a Haircut

Let me begin by adding that I didn't want to cut Brian's hair and had no intention of cutting anyone else's hair either. However, I was not given the choice.

After Brian's haircut, Sophie climbed into the chair, pointed to her hair and said "Haircut". I was not exactly thrilled by this prospect. So far I hadn't ruined Brian's hair, but girls hair is a bit more different. But the little girl was persistent... "Daddy got haircut. Mommy cut my hair".

So... I did.

I just gave her some bangs. Nothing big or fancy. It didn't turn out bad, perhaps I wished I'd left her bangs a little longer, but overall... she was happy that she too got a haircut.

And after she climbed down from the chair... after her haircut... she gave me her bald baby doll and asked me to cut baby's hair. When I told her no because baby has no hair, she then looked at me and said "Mom get haircut". I draw the line there, I have learned my lesson and will never cut my own hair again. However, I have a feeling that sometime in the future my little girl is going to do the same thing I did and attempt to cut her own hair, as well as all of her Barbie's hair too. Well... at least I didn't botch her first haircut.

Barber Barton?

In order to save money, Brian decided to turn me into a barber. He picked up one of those men's hair trimming sets and told me to cut his hair.


Let me be clear... I have never cut hair. Unless you count the time I cut my own bangs as a child and my Barbie's hair. Neither of those trims turned out well.... and I'm being generous on my wording there. Forget that my grandmother cut hair, or that my aunt cuts hair, and that my cousin does it professionally... after destroying my own hair at a young age, I decided that it was the last time I would pick up scissors and cut hair.
And now Brian was entrusting me to cut his hair. Oy vey, the man had no clue what he was in for... and I told him so. But he said just read the manual, and I'd do fine. So after reading it and re-reading, and then occasionally using it as guide, I was as ready as I ever was going to be.



It didn't turn out too bad if I do say so myself. Perhaps it was because I had a manual that I could use for him, one which I neglected to use on myself or Barbie. Or perhaps it was just age and years of watching my brother's get haircuts when we were dropped off at Fantastic Sams. Or perhaps it was just because he was a guy and you can't screw up men's haircuts as badly as women.

*** But the hair cutting saga continues...****

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Sometimes the skies command attention. And many of you Midwesterners know EXACTLY what I mean. You look outside, and without the commentary of the meteorologist, you think "Oh Shit". You don't need to see a weather map to know a bad storm is on its way. You don't even see a tornado, but you know that one is looking down from above, threatening to descend upon your tiny human existence and squish your man-made shelters.

Tonight we had such a storm... in fact... it plans to torment us most of the night. And as normal born-bred Kansan, after you hear the sirens, you go outside, take pictures, and then you get you quickly get your hindquarters to shelter. And that is exactly what we did. Sophie, the dog, and I holed ourselves up in the fortified downstairs bathroom (complete with Sophie's playpen pad, tons of blankets, cellphone, ipod, and other Sophie 'Must-Haves') and waited the storm out. Luckily it only lasted about 30 minutes and nothing was damaged.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the storm (Before & After).



Saturday, May 21, 2011

Simple Summer Saturday & Rocking Chair Makeover

While I was hoping that today wouldn't have been just a simple summer Saturday, as I would have preferred to be at my cousins' wedding in Arizona, it ended up being just a normal quiet Saturday.

Well, ok... I did something not quite so normal today. I gave one of my rocking chairs outside a make-over.



Perhaps Brian will approve of the Husker red.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Afternoon Respite

Along with a huge duck, Suzi sent Sophie other Easter gifts, which we saved until Suzi could herself visit and give them to Sophie. So, while Suzi was here she spent some time playing with Sophie. In addition to teaching her key survival/life skills. Like fishing...

...and blowing bubbles....

... decorating the pavement with chalk....

... and oh course, singing Barney songs.

She even showed Dad how to fish.

Sophie loves Aunt Suzi.