Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Reading Certificate

Although the due date on the reading program isn't due until the end of July, I took Sophie to the library to turn in her reading log and gather her prize. We had finished reading 25 books in perhaps 2 weeks.

When we got the library, I carried all of our books/movies/cds, and she proudly walked in with her blue reading log. I managed to persuade her to wait for me while I turned in our checked out items, and again when I asked her to pick out some more board books, before I would finally let her take her blue paper to the front desk. She was so proud to hand it over. The ladies asked her if she wanted a prize, to which she promptly answered "Yeah!".

However, the "prizes" I think seemed to confuse her. She got a certificate (shown here), a bookmark, a ticket to a swimming pool, a slip to enter a drawing to meet a Ranger baseball player, and a coupon to go to a Ranger baseball game in August. Oh... and an invite to an end of the Summer Reading program party.

The librarian mentioned we could continue to fill out book logs and that they would keep giving away "prizes" each time they were turned in. I know paper doesn't exactly excite Sophie, but when I mentioned one of them would let her go to the pool, she was ready to don her swimming suit and go swimming.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Evanovich in Dallas!

As mentioned before I love books, and some books I love more than others, specifically those books would be written by Janet Evanovich. I love her books. And I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered she was coming to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.... Frisco exactly.

So since this opportunity doesn't happen very often, Brian took care of Sophie while I drove to Frisco. The line there was crazy and the sales clerk informed me that if I got in line now I would be able to meet her at 1am.

1 am was not something I could do, but I could get a pre-signed copy of her new book. And I could see her and meet her when she arrived. So I opted to do that instead of waiting until 1 am just to get a better picture of Janet.

Anyway, this was definitely a wonderful experience and something I feel I can cross off of my bucket list.

If you are in need of an amazing book to read, click on Janet's website and select ANY of her books. You won't regret it. www.janetevanovich.com

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Reading Program 2011

The main thing I love about living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the library. Hands down my FAVORITE thing here (followed closely by a nearby On the Border restaurant). Not only are the libraries big, but they have multiple locations, which means... more options! I have yet to actually buy a book or movie since living in Dallas.
The King Speech? Library
Harry Potter 7? Library
Janet Evanovich? Library

I love it! Anyway, they are hosting a Summer Reading Program and the last time I was in one of those was when I was in elementary school. The last time I attended a Summer Reading program was to take/watch one of my younger siblings when I was in 8th grade to the Valley Center Public Library. So it's been awhile.

This year, Sophie and I are both participating in the summer reading program. The adults have one which every time you read a book your name gets entered in a drawing for a Nook. That is motivation enough for me! Sophie has a form and after she/I read 25 books, she will get a certificate and a prize. We even discovered a small niche in the library which has board books, so lately Sophie has been bringing home 5 books per trip. She'd bring back more, but I have to draw a limit somewhere. The funniest part is the books she picks out. Recently her book choices were: Vegetables in India, Teeth are not for Biting, Pacifiers are not Forever, and Go, Train, Go.

Hopefully everyone gets some time and opportunity this summer to read a good book!

For more information about the Texas Reading Program, click HERE.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bedtime for all

Since Sophie has gotten her crib converted into a toddler bed we have had some changes and challenges. Most of them revolve around "Sophie it's bedtime get back into bed". Slowly I think she's coming around to realizing she needs to stay in bed. But gosh darn it if she's going to have to go to bed, well then so is everyone else. And by everyone I mean "Pig", "Duck", "Bunny", and "Baby".

Every night before she goes to bed, she lays out little mats in respective areas on the floor near her bed. Then places her stuffed animals face down on the mat, which Sophie tells me "They go sleeping. They go night night. Shhhhhhh". Then she lovingly covers them up with a blanket of sorts (when she runs out, she uses what is handy: towels, washcloths, bibs...).

Only after she has seen to the comfort of her stuffed animals can she then go to sleep.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Running Through Sprinklers

As kids I remember the many times we couldn't get dropped off at the Valley Center pool (for whatever reason) and so we had to find other ways to beat the heat. So we would put on our swimsuits, have Dad turn on the sprinkler system, and run through the water. Occasionally even put our rear ends right next to the sprinker heads themselves (I think it was Suzi who did this first).

* I need to try and find a picture from when we were kids and did this*

But anyway, it was cheap... and it was fun. And why not create this for my daughter?

Hopefully everyone has time to take a break this summer and run through some sprinklers.

Daddy & Sophie

Father's Day, June 2011

Zoo, June 2011

Helping with Homework, May 2011

Stingrays at Children's Aqaurium, March 2011

Cooking, February 2011

Piggyback Rides, December 2010

Hiking at Devils Den, November 2010

Watching a Husker Game, September 2010

Watching fireworks in Vicksburg, MS, July 2010

Watering the tomato plant, June 2010

Hampton Hogskin Festival, April 2010

Teeter totter, February 2010

WSU Graduation, May 2009

Visiting Camden, AR & Amarillo, TX, April 2009

Easter, March 2009

Meeting Daddy for the 1st time, November 2008

Thanks Brian, for being such a good dad!

Donuts with Dad

Sophie's school hosted a "Donuts with Dad" this Friday, and luckily Brian was able to attend. Sadly, Brian was also the ONLY dad to attend.

Apparently he was quite the rockstar with all the kids, who also wanted to get in the picture.

When I dropped off Sophie in the morning, I asked her teacher if she'd take pictures with our camera when Brian came. She is responsible for the pictures you see here and for that we are grateful.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Year Mavericks Become Champions

If you enjoy watching NBA games or live in Texas, you know that the Dallas Maverick's won their first championship this year. Typically I don't watch basketball. It's not that I don't get it (ball goes in hoop, score 2 or 3 points based on distance, get most points before time runs out), it's just that I've never really been big on basketball. Anyway, this year with the Maverick's going to the playoffs I found myself listening to the occasional sports news, and even watching a few of the playoff games! I'm not a total convert and I admit most of the game was not spent sitting in front of the tube with rapt attention to the players, scores, and plays. However, I did slightly get sucked in and enjoyed cheering for the "home team" (Mavericks) and Dirk Nowitzki. Even after they won, I was tempted to join the fans on Thursday, June 16th for the parade through downtown Dallas. However I'm not much for crowds, and I'd say with a documented 220,000 attending the parade that would definitely qualify as a crowd.

*Click HERE to here Dirk Nowitzki sing "We Are the Champions" at the Parade*

So without further ado, Congratulations Dallas Mavericks for winning the Championships, and for the ability to get me to watch more of your basketball games than I ever watched in college.

*Click HERE for Lebron James' song to Dirk Nowitzki*

Typical Sun Scortching Summer in Dallas

Many reading this are not Texans and frankly neither am I. And everyone knows that summer is hot in Texas, because based on science and geography lessons, Texas is closer to the equator, therefore closer to the sun, than most US states. And I'm currently a veteran of South Arkansas and Western Kansas (as weird as that sounds Kansans understand what I mean) summers. But what do typical summer days look like in Dallas, TX?

According to Weather Channel's Hour by Hour Weather Forecast for Dallas, TX
June, 18, 2011

9 am 83 degrees Humidity 67% Feels like 88 degrees

10 am 86 degrees Humidity 61% Feels like 91 degrees

11 am 90 degrees Humidity 52% Feels like 95 degrees

12 pm 93 degrees Humidity 45% Feels like 98 degrees

1 pm 96 degrees Humidity 40% Feels like 101 degrees

2 pm 98 degrees Humidity 36% Feels like 102 degrees

3 pm 100 degrees Humidity 32% Feels like 103 degrees

4 pm 101 degrees Humidity 30% Feels like 104 degrees

5 pm 102 degrees Humidity 28% Feels like 104 degrees

6 pm 101 degrees Humidity 28% Feels like 103 degrees

7 pm 100 degrees Humidity 28% Feels like 101 degrees

This may or may not surprise you but geez it's HOT here! And this is just June! Not the hot months of July and August. In fact according to the calendar this is still considered spring till the 22nd.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ciao Crib; Bonjour Bed

Sophie is two and a half years old and for the longest time she's slept in a crib, despite the fact that several of her fellow classmates/friends had long since forgone the crib and embraced a bed. So, with that in mind, I took it upon myself to spend time on Sunday evening converting her crib into a bed.

Her first night in bed, Sophie wasted no time in hopping in bed, then once I was gone, removing her diaper and sleeping a la nude. I went ahead and put the diaper back on her, but in the morning the diaper was once again removed.

The second night we had to go in several times after bed time to remind her that it was indeed bedtime. Instead of sleeping, she was up near her bookcase reading her books. After the 3rd time of lecturing her about the importance of sleep and staying in bed, she moved her 'library' to her bed and spent some time in her bed reading. She eventually fell asleep with the books by her feet.

The following night, Sophie decided she wanted Oscar to sleep with HER. I figured, why not? Bad idea. Sophie spent most of the night trying to cater to making Oscar comfortable. She picked up a blanket and pillow for him. Even had some books and stuff animals for his comfort. One of her stuffed animals, Duck, apparently caused some problems and found himself in the naughty chair. Perhaps he was the reason I caught her out of bed several times? Eventually, after hours without actually going to sleep, I escorted Oscar out of her room and her into her bed. Minutes later she was asleep sans Oscar.