Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heat Stroke

Dear Air Conditioning,

Yes, it's hot. Trust me we are not oblivious to that fact. Yes, we value your job, especially in the summer, which is why we give you a nice long break to rest in the winter. But right now, we really need you to work. All the fans are on trying to pick up the slack and it's 10 pm and 85 in the house. Most of our clothing is shed, the dog pants when he makes a trip up the stairs. It's time for you to start working again.

Any time now.

Love- Us

Hot & Dry

I know I'm not the only one complaining about the heat and the drought conditions. In fact, I can't even complain that it's because of TX. There have been a few times when I've checked the weather and noticed that the temperature was hotter in KS!

Anyway, here in Dallas we are 30 consecutive days with triple digit temperature. Apparently the record to beat for DFW is the summer of 1980 which recorded 69 days over 100 degrees and boasted 42 consecutive days of 100-degree heat. As of today, we've had 37 days over 100 degrees, and 30 days consecutive days of 100 degree heat.

And severe drought conditions continue across the country.

Every time I see clouds with some grey around them, I keep praying that the rain will descend upon us, instead... it goes elsewhere. We haven't had rain since May.

Anyway, we've been staying mostly inside to try and keep cool and it appears our AC is starting feel the affects, because it's not pushing out as much cold air anymore.

Hopefully everyone manages to stay nice and cool. I'll post pictures of us later. Perhaps in the evening when it isn't so hot.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ouch Update

I got a phone call recently from Sophie's daycare. She tripped on the carpet and cut her head on the table as she fell. (She only got 1 gash covered by the yellow bandaid, the blue one is just because she wanted it).

Took her to the minor emergency room where she was to get at least 2-3 stitches.

And on Wednesday, we returned to the minor emergency center (this trip planned) and discovered her forehead was healing fine and she's making great progress!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 Years Later

Thirty years ago, my Dad witness my birth. Angels descended and rays of sunshine burst through the room. And all was perfect.

Now, 30 years later, my Dad reaches another birthday decade mile-marker and he chose to spend the weekend in Texas with us!

Sophie was THRILLED! She loves her Pa-pa. I don't know how many times I got to hear "Pa-pa, kiss it", "Papa go night night", and "Papa come sit here". She just loves her Pa-pa.

And honestly, she also loves her Grammy too.

Cake also seems to fall into that list too.

Thanks for visiting us Grammy, Pa-pa, and Ashley. And Happy 60th Birthday Pa-pa Barton!

Crab Countdown

After returning from the beach, we returned to Dallas with living souvenirs, 6 to be exact. At the beach in Rockport we found several hermit crabs along the shoreline. Julia and I collected perhaps close to 20. Julia took 5 for her friends and family, and I took 6. Mostly I took so many so Sophie could give these "pets" to her school and have class pets.

Sophie took good care of them. She even told her teacher that she loved hermit crabs. Her school ended up not being able to take the crabs due to state restrictions.

Unfortunately, one by one they started dying. The last one died on Saturday, giving us a 0% success rate with hermit crabs.

Well... at least we have a dog.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fruity Fun

When the boys away, girls will play.

The past 2 vacation I've gone on with Mom & Carmen we've had a few immaturity moments photographed. In Nova Scotia, it was that of a cardboard cut out of a Mountie.

Which was later replaced with a real Mountie and better behavior.

This year, the moment of immaturity prevailed upon Mom's purchase of fruit. I just couldn't help it.

I'm glad to know that immaturity doesn't have an age limit. Unfortunately for my husband, he probably wishes there was, because I'll be the 90 year old woman grabbing young men's rears at funerals and whispering to my friends that I'd forgotten how tight butts can get.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A House & a Tree

On Friday we took some time away from the beach to see some of the more historical things in the area. One of them being the Fulton Mansion, built by cattle baron George Fulton, in Rockport, TX.

Few items are the actual originals; however, the stairwell, the planters, and the bathroom were original.

Sophie spent most of the tour in time out.

One instance was partially my fault, because when we toured the bathroom I jokingly asked Sophie if she needed to use the potty. To which she replied yes and tried to tug down her pants so she could go "potty" and the antique toilet.

When I told her I was joking, she was upset. She wanted to go potty and I was denying her the opportunity. She was seriously upset at her mom and didn't know why she couldn't go potty, especially since there was a potty right there. Bad Mom.

Next, was a visit to the oldest tree in Texas, located in a portion of the Goose Island State Park. This tree has a circumference of over 35 feet, is more than 45 feet tall and has a crown spread of 90 feet. Some claim it is the largest live oak tree in the world.

And apparently this tree has lived over 1,000 years ago surviving war, hurricanes, and wildfires. And during all of this time it has managed to keep it's membership to the Live Oak Society of America. (I didn't even know there was such a thing! Guess there are some very bored or eccentric people in this world).

Although, the tree was inclosed by a chain link fence, there were other surrounding trees that were perfect for climbing. Probably not as much fun as climbing the big tree, but fun just the same.

For more information on the Fulton Mansion, click HERE.

For more information about the Big Tree, click HERE.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Port A on Thursday & Saturday

While Rockport beach was near the cottage, it was rocky, surprisingly shell-less (except for those occupied by crabs), and contained considerable amounts of jellyfish (though nothing compared to the beach along Corpus Christi).

About 20 miles and a ferry ride away, was Port Aransas... or "Port A".

Port A is an town on Mustang Island, which one side borders the Gulf, and the other the bay between the island and Corpus Christi beach. It was much nicer than Rockport and Corpus Christi.

By now, Sophie had gotten considerably used to the water. However, the inflatable toys (provided by Carmen) added another incentive to playing more in the water.

She loved being pushed on her inflatable raft.

However, later she decided if she was going to be a "big girl" like Julia and Ashley, she needed to trade it in for one of the boogie boards.

We spent hours playing at this beach and Sophie never seemed to get tired of playing in the water or walking on the beach. I even tried to get her to lay down on the quilt and relax after lunch.

Instead she decided to wait and sleep on the way home.

For more information about Port Aransas (or as many call it Port A because we are unsure of how to pronounce Aransas), click HERE.

Here are a few pictures of the Pier during dusk.