Monday, August 29, 2011

The Dad, The Dog, & The Daughter

Pictures from this weekend, when Brian and Sophie were watching NASCAR. Pictures in no particular order.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Return of the Oneys

Two weeks ago, when Keith and LaNelle were here, they stopped and purchased a part in Mineralwells, TX. The part however was way too big to fit in the back of the truck. So on their way back to pick up their purchased part, they stopped by again to visit us. As promised... I took more pictures.

Something they also did was work on my Honda's AC. Sophie enjoyed helping in the form of driving Papa around.

And Sophie also got to spend some time playing "Little People" with Grammy.

They only stayed for a few hours, but we enjoyed their company.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some Rain Showers

We finally got a decent downpour today. It only lasted 10-15 minutes, but the rain came down pretty heavily and it was wonderful! We have been in a drought for several months and we needed the rain!

I was out running errands, but Brian was smart enough to grab the camera and take some pictures. He just knew I'd be coming home and grabbing the camera for pictures.

He even had Sophie and Oscar play out in the rain. I think Brian was as happy to see the rain as I was.

While this rain was absolutely wonderful... I'm still waiting for a big thunderstorm to roll in and give us a few good hours of rain.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Pintrest Post

Just had to add my newest Pintrest project on here.

With school supplies being so cheap, I figured... why not? And Sophie's room doesn't have much in the way of decorations or little kid items.

It was super easy. Line up the colors.

Take a hairdryer. Melt the crayons.

Hang it on the wall.

She absolutely loves to color. And so I thought this would be a nice addition to her room. And she immediately noticed that they were colors and seemed to like it.

Probably the only disappointment for her was that she did not get to use these crayons prior to the project.

And since I'm newly inspired... if you want a glimpse of what I'd like to tackle next... here's a picture from Pintrest:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pintrest = Painting

Recently, thanks to Anjanette Barr, I discovered Pintrest and I'm completely hooked. It's essentially a place where you can "pin" things that you like from other blogs, websites, etc...

It's also helped me to get more motivated to do more cheap crafts with Sophie to help personalize our space up a bit without spending tons of money. So newly inspired, (husband is cringing right now)... Sophie and I got out a canvas, the paint, and lots of ideas.

I love the crafts that have the first initial for your child's room. Here are a few samples... from Pintrest:

Anyway, I got inspired, but I wanted to do something that Sophie could also participate in making as well. So I cut out an S for Sophie's first initial and used tape to tape it to the canvas.

Then Sophie is a huge fan of pink (and occasionally purple), so I put red, white, and purple paint in a small cardboard box and let her paint away.

After the paint had dried a bit (I used acrylic paint as opposed to oil paints which can be very messy and take longer to dry), I peeled off the S. There were still some areas where paint managed to infiltrate, but overall I was pleased.

Then I attached some party ribbon to the back and curled the ends. And hung it right above her bed. She was very proud of her art work. And I think it added a bit to her little room. Which is nice since being renters we are fairly limited in our ability to decorate.

*Warning- Neither Brian nor his wallet would recommend this site; I however, would*

Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teachers (Preschool 3)

On Monday my munchkin is entering Preschool 3! Today was her last day in Preschool 2, where she will miss the teachers she loves so very much. Ms. Cassie and Ms. Jennifer often make it on the list for her nightly prayers.

This evening, her school hosted a Meet the Teachers, where Sophie could go and check out her new classroom and the parents could talk and meet with the teachers.

Sophie's new teachers will be Ms. Barbara and Ms. Sharon. And she will still have a few of her friends from Preschool 2 joining her in the same class.

Sophie loved checking out her new room. And made a quick beeline to the "kitchen" center.

She loved showing Dad around too.

And she was very disappointed and sad when we had to leave. However, we promised her that on Monday, we'd take her back to school to play.