Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sophie says....

#1 We are in the bathroom doing her hair
Sophie: Mom, where are my eyebrows?
Mom: Right here (points to her eyebrows)
S: No... I don't see them. I don't have eyebrows. I want eyebrows.
M: Honey, you have eyebrows. They are just the same color as your hair. Your hair is light, so are your eyebrows.
S: No... I don't have them (starts crying).

*It's apparently devastating to have light eyebrows.*

#2 Sophie is running down the hall and hits her shoulder into the wall.
Sophie: MOM.... the wall hit me! Say, 'That's not nice'!
Mom: Honey, did you run into the wall?
S: Yeah. Tell the wall that's not nice!
M: (groan) That's not nice wall.
S: Yeah wall! That's not nice.

*Glad she taught that wall a lesson*

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