Monday, March 26, 2012

Sophie says...


Sophie: Mommy, is baby brother in your tummy?
Mom: Yes
S: Can I see?
M: Yes (lifts shirt and shows tummy)
S: Is he sleeping?
M: Yes
S: He's got his pillow and blanket in there too.


Mommy: Sophie, it's bedtime.
Sophie: Does baby brother have to sleep?
M: Yes, he's already sleeping.
S: Can I kiss and hug him?
M: Yes (raises shirt and shows tummy)
S: (Kisses and hugs tummy)
S: Now can you have baby brother cover me up?


Sophie: Mommy, Oscar is trying to eat my hot dog.
Mom: Oscar... come here. Get away from Sophie's food.
S: That's right, Oscar Oney! You only eat dog breakfast! (shaking her finger at him in anger)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spool End Table

A few nights ago I told my husband, thanks for putting up with my 'crafting/woodworking' phase. He told me he figured he didn't have much of a choice. And the sad part is, it's true. I don't even seem to be able to control this energy and need to 'update' things. Again, not sure if it's the fact that I'm carrying a boy or if that 'nesting' phase has decided to come early.

Either way, I've decided to take on the Cable Spool End Table that was featured in some magazine and on Pintrest:

Finding spools is difficult, but I was lucky enough that my father-in-law found me two of them. And my husband made sure to bring them back to Texas with him. It took me less than a week to start planning for their construction after putting them in our garage.

First thing I did was use the paint from the buffet (Behr Paint + Primer Ocean Mist or something) and painted the inside of the spool. I left the outside parts of the spool and the edges alone, since those will be covered up later and you won't see them.

Next I went ahead and painted the dowel rods the same color.

Rather than glue or nails, I basically used the hammer to bang the dowel rods into the spool area.

After getting some nice sheets of plywood FOR FREE via Craigslist, I drew out a diameter on them that is 2" wider than the spools. Using a jigsaw I cut the pieces into the circular form I drew out.

Then, since I didn't get one big piece of plywood (beggers can't be choosers when you get something for free), I used wood glue to fasten the boards together.

Next I attached the boards to the top of the spool (using a hammer and nails) and started sanding all the edges.

After getting some soft edges, I finished painting the rest of the spool. I thought it looked a little plain so I found on Google Images a print for a Celtic O. I made it large enough then cut the edges so I could use it as a stencil. If you do this... don't use normal paper, copy it to something more durable. The paper kinda stuck to the paint and then onto the wood top. I'm slowly having to peel off paper from the surface.

Once the paint was dried, I turned the table upside down and drilled some holes where I would screw in the table legs. We used 6" table legs, which would almost make the top of the end table equal to the top of the armrest of our current couch.

Lastly, it's ready to enter our living room. I'm trying to see if I like it. It is in no way a professional job, some of the edges aren't straight or symmetrical etc..., so no one is going to see this as a professional piece of equipment, but it is creative and unique. And perhaps even functional. Anyway, I'll let you decide if you like it.

And while I get used to it and discover whether it was worth the effort and borrowed tools, my next project is to do something about this....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Postal Puppy

1 dog
1 toddler
1 book of stamps found in mom's purse
2 minutes with Mom not watching
1 Postal Puppy

Quote of the Day: "Mom, I gave Oscar stickers!" - Sophia Oney

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sophie says.... Babies in Bellybuttons

Sophie: "Mommy, my baby is not here yet"
Mommy: "That's right. Your baby will be coming in 3 months"
S: "Yeah, baby not here. Baby's not in my bed" (referring to her old bed- the crib)
M: That's right, right now baby is sleeping in Mommy's tummy
S: Can I see it?
M: (Raises her shirt to show her stomach)
S: Mommy, baby is in your belly button. I've got a baby in my belly button too (raises her shirt to show off her tummy)
M: "No... I don't think you have a baby in your belly button"
S: "Huh huh... yes I do... just like you"

Friday, March 16, 2012

Coaster Changes

Along with the new buffet, I found on Pintrest a neat idea for coasters. It was super cheap. It just involved leftover or on sale ceramic tiles, paint, stencils, and those sticky fabric things you put on the bottom of chair legs.

And I figured since I've either gone crazy, carrying too much testosterone, or am beginning 'nesting' early... why not just update the rest of the living room?

So, basically you wipe clean your ceramic tiles and let them dry. Then I took Martha Stewart Etching Frost and mixed it with some blue acrylic paint. And then applied the stencils to make various patterns on the coasters.

After letting them dry. I carefully cleaned them with water allowing some paint to come off to give them an antique effect.

Then I dried them off... and placed 4 of those sticky chair things to the bottom of them.

And ta-da... new coasters.

Definitely works much better than our previous coasters-

Now that this project is done, I've already got another one lined up and ready to go. (My husband just shudders at reading this). And when I get that project done, I've got 2 more project ideas- one being pillow cases and the other being a storage bench for toys.

But first.... here is a clue as to what my next project is:

Buffet Project Update

Since I last did the buffet, we've had a bit of an update.

Previous entertainment center:

The updated buffet in the living room:

The new addition.

We are apparently entering the year of 2000.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Project- Buffet

So I've decided to start another project. This one is merely restoring, rather than attempting to create something from scratch... like I did with Sophie's big girl bed.

Currently we have a 27" tv which fits nicely into Brian's entertainment center that his parents got him when he was in high school (somewhere between the years 1996-2000). We've used the tv and entertainment center for years, hauling it with us from Hays, Alma, Newton, Camden, and now Dallas. But on our moving trip to Dallas, it became obvious that Brian's entertainment center didn't have that many more good years on it. But we've hesitated doing anything with it since we've both been busy and let's face it... so far it does the job we need it for.

However, with the possibility of getting a bigger tv, the entertainment center is not capable of holding a tv bigger than a 27". So the time to replace it is finally here.

I wanted to replace it with a buffet, which will not prevent us from various tv sizes like an armoir would or another entertainment center. I also wanted something that the kids couldn't climb under easily and something made of solid wood (unlike what we currently own). So first I scouted furniture ads (too expensive), then antique malls (still too expensive), then Craigslist. Finally I found an antique buffet table made in 1890 from Northern Furniture Company in Wisconsin for the low price of $100. (And believe me after all the research I did, this is a bargain!). And the people I contacted on Craigslist were even willing to deliver it for $50 (which is excellent since I had no truck to fetch it).

It needed lots of TLC. The sides were painted beige, the front painted white, and the drawers were painted pink. (ugh!) And the top wasn't painted at all.

So, first priority was getting it all one color, which I chose Behr Offshore Mist. And the guy at Home Depot said that you don't use flat paint for furniture because it shows off fingerprints easily, so you need to go with Satin or Eggshell. Didn't know that. So I chose Eggshell which supposedly still gives you that flat look, without the fingerprint issue.

Also, I didn't care for the pulls or knobs (which were rusting and in some cases painted over). So I found some nice chrome knobs.

Lastly, I'm thrilled to report that this buffet has wheels on the legs, which make it easier to move around (very good thing for a project loving pregnant woman). But they were also very very rusted. So those needed replaced as well.

So... step 1 ... I removed the drawers.

Step 2- Remove the knobs.

Step 3- Paint! I did 2 coats of paint on everything. I even got the inside of the drawers, something that wasn't previously done by prior owners.

Step 4- Once paint is dry... tip over the buffet and remove the wheels.

Step 5- Replace the wheels

Step 6- On drawers, screw in knobs.

Step 7- Return buffet to normal upright position, and insert the drawers.

Step 8- Wheel that bad boy into the house and enjoy!

Again, here is a before and after picture.



And what happened to the previous entertainment center you might ask? I disassembled it and it is waiting for the trash man to visit. It has served us well, but like the movers mentioned... it wasn't going to last another move.