Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sophie on Baby Brother

Today, I find Sophie on the floor with tears and red splotches are her face from crying. Here is how the conversation ensues...

Mommy: Sophie what is wrong why are you crying?
Sophie: I don't want to wear a white dress to Kansas
M: Why not?
S: Because Ashley got a pink dress.
M: Yes, and you have pink dresses too. You know you can wear a pink dress too.
S: No... I want to wear my white dress cause it's beautiful.
M: Ok. We can wear the white dress.
S: And baby brother needs to wear a yellow dress.
M: Well baby brother isn't here yet so we can't put him in anything yet.
S: Yes he is (pretends to grab her baby brother from my bellybutton)
S: See, here he is. (holds out the palm of her hand)
M: Oh honey, that's not baby brother. Baby brother will come and you will know it, but he's just not ready yet.
S: Yes he is out.
M: No sweetie he's not.
S: He's gone mommy 'cause your belly button looks funny. He's not there anymore.
M: Yes, he's still here I promise. And before you know he'll be here and we'll get him from the hospital.
S: (Sophie continues her crying)
M: What's wrong honey? Hey... Mommy and Daddy are thinking of naming your baby brother Connor. Do you like that name?
S: Mom, Connor hit me.
M: Oh do you have a Connor at school who hit you?
S: I don't like that name.
M: Oh yeah... and what name would you like?
S: I want Baby Brother Oney.
M: You want his name to be baby brother?
S: Hmm... or Tinkerbell Oney. I like Tinkerbell Oney.
M: What about Jack Oney, do you like Jack Oney.
S: Jack Silvermist Oney. Silvermist Oney.
M: Think we should let you look at the names so you can voice your opinion?
S: Tinkerbell Oney!

(If Sophie had her way that little boy would receive no end to teasing and grief from his big sister... even if she does has the best intentions)

Grammy Comes to Visit

Grammy came to visit us in Dallas to see Sophie, but to also allow Brian and I to have a date- Valentine's Day date to be specific. (For more details see following post). They had so much fun together. They went shopping together, the park together, McDonald's together, played little people together, and even cleaned the house together.

Sophie had absolutely no problem saying "Goodbye" to her Mommy to go play and do things with Grammy. Thank you Grammy for all you did and do and know that Sophie really really LOVES you.

Valentine's Day in April

Brian is busy.... Brian is ALWAYS busy. Brian is working full time in a high visibility job and is also finishing up his last few classes at SMU. So getting time with Brian, alone, doesn't happen often. So when Valentine's Day rolled around in February, he has a project at work and had finals coming up so we delayed Valentine's Day till late March (for spring break weekend). Plus this would also give us an opportunity to get a babysitter. Well Spring Break came, I got busy with work and his dad was undergoing chemo again so Brian and I spent part of Spring Break apart.... me working.... Brian in KS with Sophie and his parents. So, Valentine's Day was moved again to late April. This time I was going to make sure it happened, so I spent some money and purchased tickets to see Frank Caliendo at the Addison Improv Comedy Club. He was only in Texas (aka- Addison) for 2 days to do 3 shows. So now we had tickets and HAD to do something. There was no moving back Valentine's Day another month. And my mom came to Texas to watch Sophie.

Funny part of this is, that we delayed Valentine's Day because Brian had a big project at work and finals to study for... and now on April 28th as we officially celebrated Valentine's Day, Brian still has a big project at work and it's finals week again. :D

Anyway, the show was great I really enjoyed it. If you haven't heard of Frank Caliendo (and I hadn't until recently), you've got to check out his impersonations on YouTube. Absolutely hilarious.

And here is some links to Frank Caliendo's website and some YouTube videos. Enjoy!

Frank Caliendo's website click HERE.

Frank Caliendo's Impressions click HERE.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sophie says...


As we are getting out of the car with groceries and library books.
Sophie: Mom, I want to eat dog biscuits.
(Honestly.... we do feed her... and normal human food too. Not sure where that came from)


Sophie: "Mom, baby brother didn't come yesterday"
Mom: "No, baby brother is still in my tummy"
S: "Why can't he come today? Is he sleeping?"
M: "Sometimes he is. Don't worry, he'll come in a few months. We'll pick him up from the hospital."
S: "Mom, I want to go to the hospital"
M: "Why? Baby brother won't be there today"
S: "Oh. He's stuck in your belly button?"
M: "Yeah, something like that".

(Then randomly throughout the rest of the day as we were running errands Sophie would ask if we were going to the hospital)

Excited Flower Girl

In a few weeks I will get an opportunity to return to Hays, Kansas! Hays was were I spent the best 5 years of my life at college, and I believe the last time I was there was when I graduated with my Masters Degree in 2006. So 6 years later, I get to return and take my daughter with me. The main reason for going is my friend and one-time roommate and Sophia's godmother, Jill is getting married. And Sophia is going to be a little flower girl. But I'm so excited to get back to a town and university which provided me with so many memories and friends.

Until then though, I've got a little 3 year old who is so excited to pose in her flower girl dress, that I couldn't resist taking a few and sending them on to Jill. And she looked so adorable and happy that ... well... I couldn't resist posting them on the blog.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks when I post pictures from Hays and the wedding!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sophie says....


Sophie: Mommy you are in trouble. You've been bad.
Mommy: Really? What did I do?
S: You made me mad. I'm going to take your toys away.
M: I don't have any toys.
S: What? Ok... I'll get you some.
(Sophie runs to her room and gets 3 stuffed animals)
S: Here you go... now I'm going to take them away because you were bad.


(If you are familiar with the show Dora the Explorer you will understand this one)

Sophie: "Swiper is going to get baby brother"
(Sophie raises my shirt and protectively put her hands around my tummy thinking a fox in a purple bandana is going to come from some corner of the closet and steal her brother from her mommy's tummy).


Mommy: "Ok Honey"
Sophie: "I'm not Honey, I'm Sophie Oney"


Sophie: "Oscar eats dog food, bugs, and monsters"

Meeting at the Mosque

I've been wanting to visit a mosque for a long time, just to see what it's like inside. However, going into a mosque by myself on a random day made me uncomfortable as I'm sure I'd stick out like a sore thumb.

Luckily I received an opportunity through the World Affairs Council of Dallas-Fort Worth, where they host World Religion Forums for educators. They hold two such conferences a year and this one took place at the Islamic Center of Irving over the religion of Islam. I was so excited to go!

Some of the things they taught I already knew:
  • Islam means peaceful submission/surrender to God (Allah)
  • Largest population of Muslims comes from South Asia, specifically Indonesia.
  • 5 Pillars of Islam: profession of faith, prayer 5 times a day, tithing, fasting during Ramadan, and a pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • Difference between Shia and Sunni is based on who the Imans were picked (either by righteous Muslims, or those with a direct hereditary link to Muhammed)
  • No images are displayed of Muhammed
  • Muslims come from a range of origins, race, ethnic background, economic status, culture, education, and upbringing
  • Most of the significant differences between Muslims (like those in Saudi Arabia who can't drive and those in Pakistan who can be subjected to arrange marriages, are not a result of the religion of Islam but come from cultural backgrounds and sometimes the government).
  • Islam had direct links to Jewish and Christian history and teachings and acknowledges all the prophets of the Old Testament, Jesus as a prophet, and Mary as giving a virginal birth to Jesus per message via Angel Gabriel.

Other things were completely new information for me:
  • 20% of all Muslims are Arabs, the remainder come from other geographical regions (22 million are from China... who knew right?)
  • They do believe in both heaven and hell and that God chooses who goes where, regardless of their religion. They believe religion doesn't determine a person's afterlife
  • Mecca is where Abraham is said to have left Ishmael and his mother Haggar. The Kaaba in Mecca (the big black cube in the center) is where Abraham supposedly built the foundations for a place of worship to God.
  • Ramadan is the month when the Qu'ran was revealed. And the Qu'ran was revealed over the course of 23 years.
  • Every year, 2.3 million Muslims go to Mecca to perform the Hajj each year.
  • It's against Sharia law to enforce religion on someone else, and non-Muslims cannot be subjected to Sharia law.
  • 2 Muslim holidays- Eid ul-Fitr "Festival of Breaking the Fast" (celebrated after Ramadan) and "Eid ul-Adha "Festival of Sacrifice" (celebrated during the time of the Hajj in Mecca).

Either way, it was exciting to see inside.

They had separate entrances for men and women.

Once inside, they had a nook full of shelves where you take off your shoes.

Then nearby there is a 'washing room' where you clean your face, arms up to your elbows, and your feet from your ankles down. (No pictures of this)

Then in the prayer area men and women are separated and it is mostly a large carpeted area. Before children hit puberty they are allowed in both areas, which also have cry rooms for the younger children.

Prayers are led by the iman or the most knowledgeable Muslim on the carpet. And the others line up behind the prayer leader. No shoes allowed... thus my bare feet.

Daily prayers last about 5 - 10 minutes. And Friday afternoon prayers may last an hour as they include a 'sermon' of sorts and the 'service' lasts about an hour.

Coming from Kansas and Arkansas there really aren't that many Islamic centers or areas in the region, so many people probably don't get a chance to experience a mosque or the Islamic culture. However, hopefully you get an opportunity, but if not, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse inside from the pictures I took. Oh... and just like normal Texas, they also enjoy a good community BBQ. I chose to decline, but was invited that evening to attend their BBQ.

For more information about the Islamic Center of Irving and it's offerings, please click HERE.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Visiting our Texas Rangers!

First off, let me say that my boss is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Not only does he put up with me being pregnant and hormonal, but he even is ok with treating me, along with the rest of the team (not pregnant and hormonal) to company events. This time I got invited to attend the company suite for the Texas Rangers vs. Seattle Mariners game 2 this past Wednesday.

This was my second pro-baseball game (the first being the Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago Cubs probably in the year 2000) and my first Texas Ranger game!

And we were so lucky to have someone watch Sophie on short notice, so Brian and I could both go. I think sometimes my boss invites me to go, just so he has a chance to apologize for Brian for putting up with me. Mostly I'm sure he's kidding, on the other hand.... each time they meet Brian gets lots of sympathy and appreciation. Hmmm.....

Anyway, we had a blast, but didn't end up staying for the whole game. We left at the end of the 7th inning with the Texas Rangers up 3-0 and just finished hitting 2 consecutive home runs! But it was also close to 10pm and we both had work and a little girl to pick up.

When we finally did get home we found out that the Rangers ultimately lost 4-3. But we had a great time and I've really enjoyed all the opportunities and events that we've been blessed with attending since coming to Dallas-Fort Worth. Now all I need to do is attend a Dallas Stars Hockey game and a Dallas Cowboy football game and I'll have attended all the pro-sports teams in Dallas. Two out of the four within two years.... not bad. And each of these has been due to my boss' generosity.

For more information about the Texas Rangers including their game schedule, click HERE.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sophie says... Super Heroes


Sophie: "Monsters and Batman are scary"


At 3:30 AM
Sophie: "Mommy, I want to get in bed with you"
Mommy: *groan* "Aww... Sophie why can't you get in bed?"
S: "Spiderman is in my bed."
M: "Fine.... get up here."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter everyone. It was a quiet Easter for us in Texas. We spent the morning in church and then after a nap we had an Easter egg hunt inside since it was raining outside. Even Oscar had a few Easter eggs filled with dog treats.

The treats and baskets and things came courtesy of the Oneys and Aunt Suzi. Thank you for your generosity. Hope everyone also had a good Easter.