Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Bench

After lots of thought, I'd decided that I wanted some slave labor for my birthday. So in lieu of that request, Dad came down to Texas to be my 'slave'. I'd been wanting to make a storage bench to organize all the toys behind the couch.

So, like usual, I thought about what I wanted and drew up a sketch including measurements.

And with the help of Dad, his tools, and the accessibility of a Home Depot, we were able to assemble and paint it within 3 hours.

And while it may not look like much to others, I'm extremely proud of everything we did! And you can definitely tell the difference in how much more organized the space is.



All I need now to make it complete is a bench cushion from a lawn and garden department.

The overall price was under $40 for this bench! (I already had the paint and the baskets). Well... and it did include taking my 'slave' (aka- Dad) to dinner at In n' Out burger. Overall, great birthday present!

And after this project I think my 'nesting' stage is starting to wear down.... thus a great present for my husband as well.

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