Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sophie on Baby Brother

Today, I find Sophie on the floor with tears and red splotches are her face from crying. Here is how the conversation ensues...

Mommy: Sophie what is wrong why are you crying?
Sophie: I don't want to wear a white dress to Kansas
M: Why not?
S: Because Ashley got a pink dress.
M: Yes, and you have pink dresses too. You know you can wear a pink dress too.
S: No... I want to wear my white dress cause it's beautiful.
M: Ok. We can wear the white dress.
S: And baby brother needs to wear a yellow dress.
M: Well baby brother isn't here yet so we can't put him in anything yet.
S: Yes he is (pretends to grab her baby brother from my bellybutton)
S: See, here he is. (holds out the palm of her hand)
M: Oh honey, that's not baby brother. Baby brother will come and you will know it, but he's just not ready yet.
S: Yes he is out.
M: No sweetie he's not.
S: He's gone mommy 'cause your belly button looks funny. He's not there anymore.
M: Yes, he's still here I promise. And before you know he'll be here and we'll get him from the hospital.
S: (Sophie continues her crying)
M: What's wrong honey? Hey... Mommy and Daddy are thinking of naming your baby brother Connor. Do you like that name?
S: Mom, Connor hit me.
M: Oh do you have a Connor at school who hit you?
S: I don't like that name.
M: Oh yeah... and what name would you like?
S: I want Baby Brother Oney.
M: You want his name to be baby brother?
S: Hmm... or Tinkerbell Oney. I like Tinkerbell Oney.
M: What about Jack Oney, do you like Jack Oney.
S: Jack Silvermist Oney. Silvermist Oney.
M: Think we should let you look at the names so you can voice your opinion?
S: Tinkerbell Oney!

(If Sophie had her way that little boy would receive no end to teasing and grief from his big sister... even if she does has the best intentions)

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