Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sophie says....


Sophie: Mommy you are in trouble. You've been bad.
Mommy: Really? What did I do?
S: You made me mad. I'm going to take your toys away.
M: I don't have any toys.
S: What? Ok... I'll get you some.
(Sophie runs to her room and gets 3 stuffed animals)
S: Here you go... now I'm going to take them away because you were bad.


(If you are familiar with the show Dora the Explorer you will understand this one)

Sophie: "Swiper is going to get baby brother"
(Sophie raises my shirt and protectively put her hands around my tummy thinking a fox in a purple bandana is going to come from some corner of the closet and steal her brother from her mommy's tummy).


Mommy: "Ok Honey"
Sophie: "I'm not Honey, I'm Sophie Oney"


Sophie: "Oscar eats dog food, bugs, and monsters"

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