Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sophie says...


As we are getting out of the car with groceries and library books.
Sophie: Mom, I want to eat dog biscuits.
(Honestly.... we do feed her... and normal human food too. Not sure where that came from)


Sophie: "Mom, baby brother didn't come yesterday"
Mom: "No, baby brother is still in my tummy"
S: "Why can't he come today? Is he sleeping?"
M: "Sometimes he is. Don't worry, he'll come in a few months. We'll pick him up from the hospital."
S: "Mom, I want to go to the hospital"
M: "Why? Baby brother won't be there today"
S: "Oh. He's stuck in your belly button?"
M: "Yeah, something like that".

(Then randomly throughout the rest of the day as we were running errands Sophie would ask if we were going to the hospital)

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