Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tornado Encounter

As it's been shown on the news, we experienced a tornado in our area. Not specifically our area... but about a mile or two north of us was damaged. The whole event seemed fairly surreal as I drove through the damaged area and luckily found that our home and neighborhood was untouched.

It's just amazing to see this only being a few miles away from us and our home looks the way we left it when we drove to work on Tuesday.

Part of our work facility, however; was not untouched. Here are some photos from one of our plants in the DFW area. Not too far actually from where I work, where people were in hallways and basements.

This picture was taken near work of the storm.

Coincidentally, Brian was also escorted to the basement at his work, and Sophie to the hallway at her school. Neither building seems to have sustained any damage that I'm aware of.

There is even footage about 2 miles from our home where it shows the tornado jumping the highway. It won't let me uploaded, so to watch the tornado that we narrowly avoided, click HERE.

Otherwise, here are some interesting facts about just how lucky we were:

  • 200 homes were destroyed and 650 were damaged in the whole DFW area- 150 of the destroyed homes came from the Arlington area and 300 homes in Lancaster were damaged.
  • 6-13 tornadoes touched down in the area Tuesday afternoon.
  • No deaths reported!
  • The tornadoes were EF-1, EF-2, and EF-3
  • Wind speed reached a high of 150 mph
  • Hail damaged more than 100 aircraft at DFW airport and more than 250 arrivals and 250 departures were cancelled during the storm.
  • 1,400 airline passengers spent the night in the terminal due to the damaged aircraft and flight cancellations.
  • The video of the tornado picking up the trailers and tossing them was from the Schneider National Trucking Co. and they reported 100 pieces of equipment damaged. An employee quoted that an empty trailer weighs 14,000 lbs. and a full one weighs about 46,000 lbs. (Video of the flying trailers can be found by clicking HERE).

I've never been so close to a tornado. The closest I had been previously was when the tornado hit Haysville in the 1990s and I was easily 40+ miles away. But, the good thing is we all survived including the house, so we are very grateful.

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  1. Glad to hear y'all are ok. I've been thinking about you guys.