Sunday, April 29, 2012

Valentine's Day in April

Brian is busy.... Brian is ALWAYS busy. Brian is working full time in a high visibility job and is also finishing up his last few classes at SMU. So getting time with Brian, alone, doesn't happen often. So when Valentine's Day rolled around in February, he has a project at work and had finals coming up so we delayed Valentine's Day till late March (for spring break weekend). Plus this would also give us an opportunity to get a babysitter. Well Spring Break came, I got busy with work and his dad was undergoing chemo again so Brian and I spent part of Spring Break apart.... me working.... Brian in KS with Sophie and his parents. So, Valentine's Day was moved again to late April. This time I was going to make sure it happened, so I spent some money and purchased tickets to see Frank Caliendo at the Addison Improv Comedy Club. He was only in Texas (aka- Addison) for 2 days to do 3 shows. So now we had tickets and HAD to do something. There was no moving back Valentine's Day another month. And my mom came to Texas to watch Sophie.

Funny part of this is, that we delayed Valentine's Day because Brian had a big project at work and finals to study for... and now on April 28th as we officially celebrated Valentine's Day, Brian still has a big project at work and it's finals week again. :D

Anyway, the show was great I really enjoyed it. If you haven't heard of Frank Caliendo (and I hadn't until recently), you've got to check out his impersonations on YouTube. Absolutely hilarious.

And here is some links to Frank Caliendo's website and some YouTube videos. Enjoy!

Frank Caliendo's website click HERE.

Frank Caliendo's Impressions click HERE.

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