Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brian & Sophie Kinect

So recently we got an Xbox 360 with Kinect. At first Sophie wasn't quite a huge fan. Brian of course has almost managed to spend a little bit of every day playing Xbox. However, Sophie is now starting to warm up to the Xbox. She still doesn't care when Brian is playing his football game, but she loves it when he suggests they play the Kinect sports.

They are too funny when they play together. Thus the video.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lat. & Long. Foot Stool

So what do you do when you are home all day and the house is clean. Well after checking Facebook repetitively and a blog I'm hoping will update itself, I cruise through Pintrest for more ideas. And since being put on bed rest my husband has banned me from purchasing anything via ebay or amazon, I have to work (more or less) with what I already have at home.

So recently we got a stool to help Sophie in the bathroom. She often needed to be picked up to wash her hands in the sink and with my very pregnant belly often in the way, a small stool sounded like an excellent solution. And it was so plain that surely I could do something to make it more interesting. Thus, this project.

I found in Pintrest a link to this site, which makes Pillows with major world cities and their latitude and longitude posted on the pillows.

I thought it would be neat to do this with the stool. So I got out my leftover paint (Offshore something) and painted the little stool.

Then I looked up the latitude and longitude for the city of Dublin simply by literally googling: Latitude and longitude for Dublin.

Then using stencils, I stenciled everything in and let it dry. I love the results, but Oscar and Brian could care less. And that's ok, because right now I'm just trying not to go insane and yet have a nice house ready to come home to when I do get back from the hospital.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pregnancy Update

So we've had a little bit of drama recently regarding my current state of pregnancy. Yes... I'm ok and so is baby. And we are getting much closer to the "big" day, so for those of you not quite in the loop (which is ok because things have just recently started to get a little bit more climatic) here is a quick refresher over the happenings from this past week.

Friday, May 11th: Medium contractions at 30 minute intervals throughout Friday night and early Saturday morning. Eventually early in the morning the contractions slowly moved further apart and by 4am were gone.

Saturday, May 12th: Spent most of the day in bed to prevent further contractions.

Sunday, May 13th: Had an absolutely wonderful stress-free, contraction-free Mother's Day with my daughter and husband!

Monday, May 14th: Go into work and everything is going fine till around 2pm when I get mild contractions averaging 5 minutes apart. Call the doctor's office which recommends I go to the hospital. The hospital nurse tells me I'm 3 cms, 80% effaced, and wants me on bed rest until my doctors appointment tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15th: The temp. who is to replace me while on maternity leave comes into work to find that I'm not there and there is no one to train her. So I 'train' her as best I can over the phone. Doctor's office decides that at 34 weeks my body is practicing for the 'big' day and they'd like to delay the progress for at least another week or 2. So I'm currently on bed rest until further notice.

Wednesday, May 16th and on: We will see what comes next in the days to come.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh Poultry!

Over the weekend, Sophie got to see Grammy's newest additions- 3 chickens and 1 goose.

Our favorite was Gertie the Goose, who coincidentally will becoming Christmas dinner for someone. Guess we have to limit the time we love her.

In addition to watching the chickens, and then gathering eggs from the chickens at the farm, my boss asked if we would bring him back 2 chickens on our return trip to Texas!

Absolutely! So we got to listen to the cheep, cheep, cheep the whole 6 hour drive back. The chickens were in the red box with the air holes.

During which period we did stop at a McDonald's where Sophie got a Chicken Nugget happy meal.

*No chickens or geese were harmed due to our trip; however, in the future they may be used to feed a hungry population as nature intended*

Anyone interested in raising chickens in an urban area, please click HERE for more information.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Return to Tiger Town- Fort Hays State

It has been 6 years since I'd been back to Hays, America and therefore the campus of my alma mater (and one of Brian's 3 alma maters). I'd wondered how much had changed since I'd graduated in 2006. Luckily I can say it hasn't changed much. Yes there was some renovation done on some buildings, but for the most part everything was as I remembered it.

I took Dad and Sophie around campus, even stopping by the history department.

And of course, letting Sophie play around a little bit in the water fountains.

Even talked to Sophie about how this was where Brian and I met. Hopefully in the late summer/early fall we can return with Brian and reminisce.

Go Fort Hays State!

Seib-Schaub Wedding & Sophie

Sophie was absolutely thrilled to be a flower girl and did a great job. Here are all the pictures from the wedding on Saturday from the hair appointment, professional pictures, "practicing", and the ceremony. Enjoy!