Friday, May 18, 2012

Lat. & Long. Foot Stool

So what do you do when you are home all day and the house is clean. Well after checking Facebook repetitively and a blog I'm hoping will update itself, I cruise through Pintrest for more ideas. And since being put on bed rest my husband has banned me from purchasing anything via ebay or amazon, I have to work (more or less) with what I already have at home.

So recently we got a stool to help Sophie in the bathroom. She often needed to be picked up to wash her hands in the sink and with my very pregnant belly often in the way, a small stool sounded like an excellent solution. And it was so plain that surely I could do something to make it more interesting. Thus, this project.

I found in Pintrest a link to this site, which makes Pillows with major world cities and their latitude and longitude posted on the pillows.

I thought it would be neat to do this with the stool. So I got out my leftover paint (Offshore something) and painted the little stool.

Then I looked up the latitude and longitude for the city of Dublin simply by literally googling: Latitude and longitude for Dublin.

Then using stencils, I stenciled everything in and let it dry. I love the results, but Oscar and Brian could care less. And that's ok, because right now I'm just trying not to go insane and yet have a nice house ready to come home to when I do get back from the hospital.

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