Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh Poultry!

Over the weekend, Sophie got to see Grammy's newest additions- 3 chickens and 1 goose.

Our favorite was Gertie the Goose, who coincidentally will becoming Christmas dinner for someone. Guess we have to limit the time we love her.

In addition to watching the chickens, and then gathering eggs from the chickens at the farm, my boss asked if we would bring him back 2 chickens on our return trip to Texas!

Absolutely! So we got to listen to the cheep, cheep, cheep the whole 6 hour drive back. The chickens were in the red box with the air holes.

During which period we did stop at a McDonald's where Sophie got a Chicken Nugget happy meal.

*No chickens or geese were harmed due to our trip; however, in the future they may be used to feed a hungry population as nature intended*

Anyone interested in raising chickens in an urban area, please click HERE for more information.

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