Sunday, May 6, 2012

On the Farm & Off the Road

So of course trips with me are an adventure. They become less adventurous when Brian (Super Planner & Thinker) is with us. This time Brian couldn't come due to finals at SMU, so Sophie and I (at 33 weeks pregnant) headed to Kansas for a wedding. On Thursday we stopped in Wichita to see my folks and the newest members of the 'pet' family- the chickens and a goose.

On Friday, Dad traveled with me towards our final destination of Hays, Kansas for a wedding (about 3 hours away for those of you whom don't know Kansas geography).

And about an hour into our journey, I realized I forgot my camera! I cannot be without a camera! Especially for the wedding this weekend with Sophie being a flower girl! So we stopped in Salina where I picked up another camera. I know... the things I do for pictures. So, while the pictures from this weekend might not be great... I'm grateful to have any pictures at all. (Later, around bed time we would realize that I also forgot Sophie's pillow pet. Oops.)

Prior to reaching our final destination, we stopped at the farm. The last time I was there was about 2 or 3 years ago. Sophie loved the farm. She enjoyed seeing the chickens, collecting the eggs, watching the cows eat, and running around in all the free space with Swaby the dog.

(Note- The no shoes and running around barefoot, she gets from her mom)

After only a couple of hours, we hit the road again. Only we didn't make it too far. On I-70 near Russell, the front passenger tire punctured along the side and we were stuck along the highway with a deflated donut that didn't want to be removed from the trunk (rusty bolt that was apparently threaded). Luckily, Sophie was asleep, Dad had roadside assistance, and I was helpful by looking so pregnant and miserable along the side of the interstate that a guy from AT&T and the highway patrol pulled over within 5 minutes to help us out. By the time roadside assistance came (30 minutes later), the donut was removed from the trunk, aired up, and on the vehicle, while the flat tire was in the trunk.

Then when we got to Russell, where we were directed to go to Agco near the grain elevator in town, it took the guys only minutes to get us a new high mileage tire. AND they got the old tire off, the new tire on, checked the air pressure in all of our tires, and had us on the road within 15 minutes with only a $98 bill for the tire and service! See.... gotta love Kansas!

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