Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pregnancy Update

So we've had a little bit of drama recently regarding my current state of pregnancy. Yes... I'm ok and so is baby. And we are getting much closer to the "big" day, so for those of you not quite in the loop (which is ok because things have just recently started to get a little bit more climatic) here is a quick refresher over the happenings from this past week.

Friday, May 11th: Medium contractions at 30 minute intervals throughout Friday night and early Saturday morning. Eventually early in the morning the contractions slowly moved further apart and by 4am were gone.

Saturday, May 12th: Spent most of the day in bed to prevent further contractions.

Sunday, May 13th: Had an absolutely wonderful stress-free, contraction-free Mother's Day with my daughter and husband!

Monday, May 14th: Go into work and everything is going fine till around 2pm when I get mild contractions averaging 5 minutes apart. Call the doctor's office which recommends I go to the hospital. The hospital nurse tells me I'm 3 cms, 80% effaced, and wants me on bed rest until my doctors appointment tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15th: The temp. who is to replace me while on maternity leave comes into work to find that I'm not there and there is no one to train her. So I 'train' her as best I can over the phone. Doctor's office decides that at 34 weeks my body is practicing for the 'big' day and they'd like to delay the progress for at least another week or 2. So I'm currently on bed rest until further notice.

Wednesday, May 16th and on: We will see what comes next in the days to come.

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