Sunday, June 24, 2012

Animals at School

During the summer, Sophie's school hires and provides a range of activities for the kids. They bring in puppeteers, magicians, and provide snow cones on some Fridays and "Splash Day" on other Fridays when they show up at school in their swimsuits and a change of clothes.

Last year I didn't attend any of these activities because like most adults I was working...but I loved hearing her stories about her day at school. Since I've been on maternity leave I thought perhaps I could attend some of her little activities. Well.... so far I haven't attended one... but Grammy did!

While I was still in the hospital on Wednesday, Grammy Barton attended on my behalf the Petting Zoo that was hosted at the school. And through her pictures, I was vicariously there. Sophie loved all the animals, but especially loved that HER GRAMMY WAS THERE. Apparently she cried when my mom left.

Anyway, here are the pictures of Sophie with the animals and her friends.

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