Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Bash for Her Brother

For the past several weeks, Sophie has been informing me how important it is for 'baby brother' to have a birthday party when he comes. In fact she had it all planned out. She believed baby brother needed balloons, a purple Dora cake, pizza, and it could be done at her school with her friends.

I was kinda touched that she had thought it was so important to celebrate her brother although I think part of it might have been an excuse for her to have a party with her friends. Either way, I wanted her to feel like being a big sister and a new baby in the family was something to celebrate rather than something to dread because babies come needing lots of attention. So Brian and I met Sophie half-way.

On Friday, Brian, myself, and Connor came to Sophie's school with a purple Dora cupcake cake that she could share with her friends in her class.

All the kids were so excited to see a little baby. Connor slept through practically all of it, despite several faces and voices inches from his face.

And Sophie got a part of the party she had planned for her little brother.

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  1. So glad that Sophie is so excited about her little brother! And glad that you are feeling better! :) Hope you got some much needed rest.