Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fort Worth's Japanese Garden

This morning I took the kids to Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for a bit of playtime and hopefully chances to get photo opportunities of the two of them. Most of the gardens were blocked for the summertime event of Concert in the Gardens, which I was unaware was taking place. However, in the few times we've got to the Gardens, we'd never gone inside the Japanese Garden. So we decided to go adventuring.

It was beautiful, but got hot quickly with the summer heat of Texas bearing down around 11 am.


 But my little monkeys didn't seem to mind too much.

Especially since someone has a great mom who filled her dress pockets with fish food pellets for the koi pond.

She was so much like Brian and only fed the fish one pellet at a time. It seemed like it took forever to feed the fish. And she was very discriminating too regarding the location and fish she wanted to feed. She wanted to feed the "sad ones" so they would be happy.

There were several Buddhist monks in the garden as well. Sophie seemed to attract a lot of attention somehow and they were constantly trying to take pictures of her. One asked if he could get a picture next to her, but she jumped into my arms and covered her face.

Thankfully she wasn't too shy for me and allowed me to get lots of good pictures of her, and of Connor.

Overall, it was a great discovery and I'm sure it's best appreciated in milder weather. We didn't end up seeing it all because we ended up leaving due to the heat.

For more information on Fort Worth's Botanical Gardens Japanese Garden, CLICK HERE.

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