Friday, June 1, 2012

Oscar Update

So in addition to having some baby-doctor-pregnancy drama, we have also recently had medical problems again with one of our smaller family members. About every 3 months, Oscar's back goes out. His discs deteriorate and he struggles with walking among other things. The saddest part of this is that he's only 6 years old, which is incredibly young for smaller dog breeds which tend to live longer. After trying different medicines, ordering dog diapers to help prevent his many indoor accidents, we bought a dog wheelchair and took him to the vet. Diagnosis wasn't too promising. They again gave him the steroid shots which help him, but are honestly only temporary solutions as it is likely his back will again have problems in another 3 months. Previously they had discussed the option of surgery with us regarding Oscar, but since his back problems now seem to be occurring every 3 months and considered 'critical', the $2K surgery would only have a 25% success rate for him. Two thousand for 25% is just not realistic for us.

So, he's on different meds to see if that will help and then of course we'll be getting the doggy wheelchair before too long as well which will help. They mentioned that the meds and the wheelchair might allow him to live a longer 'fuller' life since it will reduce the strain upon his back and legs. However, they cannot predict how long this will last. We are hopeful that we'll have many more good years with Oscar who has been part of our family for almost 5 years now- being there with us at our first house in Newton, to Sophie's birth, to moving to Arkansas, to letting Sophie "play" (tug, pull, and hug) with him, and our move to Texas. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to introduce and make memories with Connor in the years to come.

Anyway, we'll keep you updated. Since this blog is about our family, I couldn't just omit one of our family members recent trials and tribulations.

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