Monday, July 30, 2012

Connor's Baptism- 7/28/12

On Saturday, our family traveled to Hays, KS to have Connor baptized by Fr. Peter O'Donnell at Immaculate Heart of Mary. Due to the late notice in scheduling the baptism we were very lucky that we had so many family and friends in attendance, including Connor's (and Sophie's) godparents- Joe Bloomfield and Jill Schaub.

During the baptism we did have several cute moments (provided by Sophie herself). When Peter asked for the parents and godparents to make the sign of the cross on Connor's head, Sophie (who felt she needed to participate but was unable to make the sign of the cross) kissed the top of his head. And later as Peter asked the parents and godparents to renew their baptismal promises by answering "I do" to the following responses... Sophie along with the rest of us answered "I do". It was sweet and wonderful to have Sophie feel like she should be involved in Connor's baptism.

 After the baptism we invited everyone to celebrate with us in true German fashion, by eating and drinking at Gella's Diner/Liquid Bread brewery in downtown Hays. It was so nice to treat our friends and family members who were able to come celebrate with us and I know it was nice treat for Brian and I (and Sophie too!) to see so many of our friends and family members.


If you've never been, you have to go (click here to access the homepage to Gella's Diner & Liquid Bread Brewing Co).

A few interesting fun facts before I end this post:

- Both Joe & Jill are also Sophie's godparents

- Fr. Peter attended Sophie's baptism, but was not a priest at the time, so he did not baptize her.

- Hays, KS is where Brian and I went to school, met, and dated (Fort Hays State)

- The baptism gown that Connor wore was also worn by his sister Sophie, me (his mom) and all of my siblings, and my mother and all of her siblings. There have been at least 20 babies baptized in that dress over the length of 3 generations.

It was a short weekend trip to Hays, but we appreciated everyone who was able to make it.

And after the evening was over it did not take long for our family to crash after all the events of the day.

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