Friday, July 6, 2012

Fizzled on the Fireworks

In DFW there were several firework and July 4th events to choose from this Independence holiday; however, due to someone's behavior, we did none of them. And we didn't really see missing the fireworks as that big of a deal since:
1. July 4th was on a Wednesday and Sophie had to go to school the following day.
2. Most of the fireworks started at 9:30pm, an hour and a half past her bed time.
3. She got scared at the noise and sight of fireworks the past 2 years.
So, Brian and I instead watched the fireworks over Dallas on television... while Sophie was in bed sleeping.
Apparently, we made a mistake, because Sophie keeps telling us she missed the fireworks and wants to see fireworks.
The one time she's actually (perhaps) ok with fireworks and we miss out on seeing them.
Let this be a lesson to us.

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