Sunday, July 29, 2012

Keep or Ditch?

So in light of our newest car conundrum, Suzi made the comment that the easiest way to fix the starter would be to go to the dealership and buy a new car. Seeing that the Honda Accord is 12 years old and counting, covered in hail damage, paint is chipping off, and has 250,000+ miles on it, that might not be a bad idea. However, is it worth it to replace a car that has made it 250,000+ miles on it with limited major repairs, is fully paid off and owned, and has served our needs well over the past several years?

So I'm asking others for their thoughts- should we keep the Honda or should we ditch it for a newer car?

Leave your advice, suggestions, and answers in the comments section below. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


  1. I guess it depends on how much it costs to put a new starter in! But I wouldn't buy brand new, find a used one 2-3 years old. We got our Odyssey in January in Plano, it's an '08 and love it. When we bought our Camry 5 years ago, it was 3 years old. The Camry was "certified" and had like a 2 year warranty on it. The Odyssey wasn't certified (because we didn't buy it from a Honda dealer) and our neighbor is a mechanic and isn't in favor of purchasing a warranty on used cars. Also, think about what you'd upgrade to. If you plan to have more kids, do you really want to buy another sedan? Good luck!

  2. Ditch, I might not look at a new one but with two small children is it worth the risk? Yes, AAA will be there quick but with temperatures like these it is important to have something very reliable.