Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oscar on Vacation

While Oscar did come with us to the beach, he spent the whole time in the van, the condo, and occasionally going for a brief walk so he could 'take care of business'. So it wasn't so much of a vacation for him with the exception of getting to ride in the van. Brian's parents offered to let Oscar stay with them this week in Kansas and Brian accepted. This is the first time Oscar has been away from us in 5 years.

The following day, Sophie returned from school and asked where her Oscar was.

I told her to go ask her dad and she returns down the stairs and tells me. Oscar has gone to Kansas. We need to go get him. He needs to come home.

So far I haven't recieved an update on how he's doing, but when we pick him up this Saturday, I'll be sure to find out how his little vacation to Grandma's went.

** And yes... his wheelchair went with him **

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