Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chihuly & the Dallas Arboretum

Since we decided to cut back on television, I thought it would give us the perfect opportunity to explore and be more active around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. After all, being in a big city offers lots of events, museums, entertainment, gardens, parks, zoos, etc...

While browsing the cities options and trying not to burn our budget with our adventures, I stumbled across some discounts offered by the Dallas Arboretum. During the month of August, all admissions were $5, which is a steal compared to their usual prices for non-members ($22/adult, $12/child 3-12). Plus if you pay for parking online (where you also purchase the discount tickets for August), you pay only $5 for parking instead of $10.

So in order to avoid the crowds and the heat, we loaded into the car around 8:30 and arrived shortly after it opened at 9 am. Part of the reason I was so excited to go is they currently have an exhibit going showing the large blown-glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly. It looked impressive on the television ads, but it was even more so in-person.

Mexican Hat & Horn Tower

Yellow Icicle Tower

 Niijima Floats

 Scarlett Asymmetrical Tower

 Mirrored Hornets

Aqua Blue & Amber Chandelier

Float Boat & Carnival Boat


Blue Polyvitro Crystals


Fiori Sun

Garden Glass

Dallas Star

Blue Icicles

The other part of the attraction was that I love taking pictures of my family. I know... I'm sure this shocks everyone. So if we are going to take pictures, I'd rather take pictures of everyone in a beautiful setting.

So if anyone is around the Dallas area looking for something to do and is willing to brave the heat and do a bit of walking, visit the Dallas Arboretum, especially while Dale Chihuly's work is on display if possible.

For more information on the Dallas Arboretum, click HERE.

Fore more information about Dale Chihuly and his artwork, click HERE.

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