Friday, August 10, 2012

Coughing Boogers

So, this is the conversation we had with Sophie to discourage eating boogers.

Mommy: Sophie stop eating boogers! That is nasty.
Sophie: No it's not.
M: Yes it is! Do you see Grammy and Papa eating boogers?
S: No. Cause Mommy it's my trick.
M: No it's not your trick. It's gross.
S: Why?
M: Because it makes you cough. And you hate coughing. Those boogers that you eat get in your lungs and your cough is trying to get the boogers out. (Sophie has been coughing lately quite a bit and inspiration just kinda hit)
S: My boogers make me cough?
M: Yes! That's why we don't eat boogers.
S: Mommy, I don't like to cough.
M: Well if you stop eating your boogers you will stop coughing.

Later when Sophie is gone ....

Daddy: Seriously, boogers make you cough?
Mommy: What? Sounded good at the time and if it gets her to quit eating boogers, problem solved.
(Daddy shakes his head and smiles)

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