Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot Alma Nights 2012

Coincidentally the weekend we came up to Kansas happened to be the same weekend as "Hot Alma Nights". Hot Alma Nights is a car show for Relay for Life that is hosted in the City of Alma. I'd never been in Alma during this time, so we were anxious to go.

There were a little over 250 cars there I think. If 250 isn't the exact number, it's pretty close. The cars ranged from classics, to pimped out 70s vans, to old service vehicles (firetruck & police car), to brand new cameros or corvettes.

And despite the name "Hot Alma Nights" it was a perfect evening with temperatures in the 80s. Definitely an oddity for August, but definitely not unwelcome.

After the show was over and the kiddos were in bed, Brian & I met up with Kayla, John, and John's family at the bar down by the railroad tracks for live music by Three of a Kind (a local band). The band played on a flatbed trailer outside the bar with the area nearby enclosed by tiki torches and cattle guard fences. Kayla and John had extra chairs, so we relaxed and listened to the music under the stars. It was a nice night.

For more information on 'Hot Alma Nights' click HERE.

For more information on the band- Three of a Kind, click HERE.

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