Thursday, August 30, 2012

Overly Organized

Is it even possible to be overly organized?

I like being organized. As a mom I think sometimes it's the only way I can remain sane. Even Brian will tell you that without my planner (which I carry with me EVERYWHERE) I'm pretty useless at remembering what needs to be done or what is happening on that particular day or even week.

So with school supplies on sale and drawing inspiration from friends, I've decided to make our refrigerator an organization command center.

I've had our chore list chart up for awhile. It's pretty good to have as a reminder... although I'm pretty sure I remember everyone's chores.

Then inspired by Mary on her blog, I got a dry erase calendar and started putting meals on it for the week as well as some of our plans for the month.

Below that is my weekly work out schedule, also on a dry erase board. I'm trying to work out 6 days of the week and spend two days of the month doing a family activity.

Other things on the refrigerator that aren't pictured include Sophie's school information, Mass times magnet, and the city's concert in the parks weekly band schedule for the month of September.

So if anyone else is in need of trying to organize their life a bit (because I totally understand), feel free to steal some of these ideas.

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