Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Restricting TV Time

If someone was to tell me as a ten year old that I would intentionally not get cable when I can afford it AND try and prevent my children from watching large quantities of tv on the weekends, I would be mortified! Me and my six siblings grew up with one 27" television with an antenna in the family room. There was no cable and we were often restricted from watching more than 1 hour of television a day. Usually once mom was gone (the television time enforcer) we could often beg and plead our dad to give in and let us watch another hour or the Simpsons (usually he did it just so he could get some peace and quiet... so it was a win/win right?).

So now, 20 years later I have one television in my house (which months ago replaced my old 27") that is hooked up to an antenna (no cable or dish) and we too have been trying to limit the television time as well. Can you say "Oh my goodness, I'm becoming my mother?!"?

While I was pregnant and miserable I was very lax on Sophie and the time she spent watching television. And as a result, we started to notice behavioral problems. They weren't directly related to the shows she was watching: Doodle-Bops, Busytown Mysteries, Horseland, ...), but she would get upset and throw tantrums when we turned off the television before (heaven forbid) the Doodle-Bops were over.

So we are now again trying to return to a minimal television routine. With it being August in Texas (aka- friggen hot outside), I've really had to try and think of creative things to do that have kept Sophie and myself away from the television to avoid the temptation (especially on weekends). So in the next few weeks I've tried to plan a few activities that will help us be more active and prevent us from using the television as a crutch.

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