Friday, August 17, 2012

Sophie says....


(Mom walks in the door from work)
Daddy: "Hey Honey, did you know that Sophie says she has a rectangle Papa and an oval Papa"
(Mom almost dies laughing)
Sophie: Yeah Mommy, I want to go see rectangle Papa ok?
Daddy: Yeah and she tells me she has 2 oval Grammys.


Sophie: Mommy, you can sit next to me ok?
Mommy: Ok. Give me a minute to take care of Connor.
Sophie: Connor can't sit next to me. You can sit next to me.
Mommy: Why can't Connor sit next to you.
Sophie: Because he's a boy.

(End of conversation for Sophie. Her last statement seemed to be enough of an explanation.)


Sophie: Are we in Kansas yet?
Mommy: Almost. We are in Oklahoma right now.
S: Oh. Why?
M: Because Oklahoma is between Texas and Kansas.
S: Why?
M: Because someone drew lines and decided where all the states are.
S: Huh?
Daddy: Somebody colored the lines on a map Sophie.
S: Oh ok. I like to color.

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