Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sophie Says...

Sophie: Mommy do you like beans?
Mommy: No.
S: You like rectangle beans?
M: No.
S: I like rectangle beans. They have rectangle beans at school. You can come to my school and eat rectangle beans ok?
(Anyone want to tell me what rectangle beans are?)

Sophie touches Brian's head and looks at his receding hairline and says...
"Daddy, you don't have any hair left"
(I did not teach her this but I love it!)

Mommy: Sophie would you like a hot dog and applesauce for lunch?
Sophie: Yeah. I want a hot dog and bread. And mommy fold up the bread and put ketchup and hamster on it.
Daddy: What? Hamster?
S: Yeah.
D: No, what do you want to do with a hamster?
S: Eat it!
(I think she meant mustard)

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