Sunday, September 30, 2012

Potato Pals

Yesterday I told Sophie that Mommy needed a break and I asked her to play quietly with Connor. Well, she did. They played with Mrs. Potato Head. And she made sure that her brother had some of the accessories.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Escape

I think everyone at some point or another needs an opportunity to escape. And I believe our freedom to occasionally escape allows us to keep our sanity. After this morning I needed an escape. I'd been on the phone at least 3 times totally over 2 hours with AT&T, had Sophie talking non-stop, Connor crying and constantly wanting to eat, and I couldn't get my right eye to stop twitching. I wanted to run far far away (aka- my closet) and sit there in the dark and hope no one would find me... at least not after a couple of hours of silence.

Instead I did the grown up thing and loaded the kids into the car and escaped the house. Earlier this week I had read about Smithsonian offering free admission to several museums around the U.S. for  this Saturday, September 29th. Thinking in advance, I had signed up and printed a ticket to the Log Cabin Village located in Fort Worth, Texas. While I was hesitant about going earlier this morning due to the rain, I had no such qualms about bursting out of the house this afternoon and heading there with 2 umbrellas in hand.

The Log Cabin Village consisted of 11 cabins. Of those 11, 1 was a schoolhouse, 1 was a blacksmith shop, 1 was a grist mill, 1 was a smokehouse, and 1 was an herb drying house. It was pretty neat.

One of the cabins allowed the kids to touch everything in it (Hurray... they understand a mother's wish and a child's endless desire to touch EVERYTHING)! They also had a band playing in the school house. Sophie refused to go in and stayed outside. After we left I asked her why she didn't want to go in; her response... those people were looking at me. To which I responded, "Yes Honey... you are not invisible".

My favorite though was the Grist Mill because it had a working and running water wheel. How cool is that?!

I think we were there for about an hour, but it was enough time to allow my sanity to return and my eye to stop twitching. I was much calmer when I got home and had to call AT&T... again.

For more information on the Log Cabin Village, click HERE.

For more information about Smithsonian Free Admission Museum Days, click HERE.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Boy & His Dog

Oscar finally got a baby brother. And loves him every bit as much as his little sister- Sophia. However, now with Connor entering our family, the boys officially outnumber the girls now. I think Oscar likes the change.

Brian's Birthday

This past weekend Brian celebrated his birthday. We are lucky to have him in our family and he's been a wonderful dad. Without him, we wouldn't be the Oney family.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gift Restriction

Most of our family and friends have been notified. We have implemented a new policy in the Oney household regarding gifts. We have noticed that as our children are showered with gifts, they (and by they I mean Sophie) don't seem to value the gifts as it is often left laying in random places around the house or found broken or 'colored' on. Furthermore, we don't want our children to expect gifts when someone arrives at our house. We don't want our children to judge and/or value people based on the size of dollar sign they see when someone walks in the room. We want our children to value people based upon their kindness and ethics.

So that being said, we are asking everyone for one year to not bring any gifts into our house... particularly those in the form of toys. Obviously with holidays and birthdays coming up, we realize that many will feel compelled or want to provide gifts to our children. Even we have to buy gifts for our children (we aren't THAT mean that we'd deprive them of all things). So here is a list of acceptable items:

1. Clothing
2. Books (coloring books, workbooks, reading books, ...)
3. Food (please please please do not go overboard on the sugar... we will restrict it).
4. Tickets to events or memberships (zoo, museums, plays, etc...)
5. Love coupons or gifts of service (take someone to the park, take someone out for icecream, etc..)
6. Lessons (ballet, dance, soccer, basketball, swim, etc...)

While I know this may be irritating for many, we really ask that you respect our wishes and help us as we try and mold children who will appreciate the gifts you give and appreciate you for yourself and not for what you buy for them. By doing this, we also hope that our children will not grow up with entitlement issues... and I think everyone can agree that if we succeed that would be a wonderful thing.

Again, we are trying this for one year. After a year has past, we will reevaluate this policy and make changes, alterations, or scrap it completely based upon how this year goes and the attitudes we see. Thank you everyone for understanding and helping us to mold our children into good citizens.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Connor- 3 months

1. Fluent in Babbling
2. Disarming in Smiles
3. Sleeps through most nights
4. Loves pulling his mother's hair out... in clumps