Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Escape

I think everyone at some point or another needs an opportunity to escape. And I believe our freedom to occasionally escape allows us to keep our sanity. After this morning I needed an escape. I'd been on the phone at least 3 times totally over 2 hours with AT&T, had Sophie talking non-stop, Connor crying and constantly wanting to eat, and I couldn't get my right eye to stop twitching. I wanted to run far far away (aka- my closet) and sit there in the dark and hope no one would find me... at least not after a couple of hours of silence.

Instead I did the grown up thing and loaded the kids into the car and escaped the house. Earlier this week I had read about Smithsonian offering free admission to several museums around the U.S. for  this Saturday, September 29th. Thinking in advance, I had signed up and printed a ticket to the Log Cabin Village located in Fort Worth, Texas. While I was hesitant about going earlier this morning due to the rain, I had no such qualms about bursting out of the house this afternoon and heading there with 2 umbrellas in hand.

The Log Cabin Village consisted of 11 cabins. Of those 11, 1 was a schoolhouse, 1 was a blacksmith shop, 1 was a grist mill, 1 was a smokehouse, and 1 was an herb drying house. It was pretty neat.

One of the cabins allowed the kids to touch everything in it (Hurray... they understand a mother's wish and a child's endless desire to touch EVERYTHING)! They also had a band playing in the school house. Sophie refused to go in and stayed outside. After we left I asked her why she didn't want to go in; her response... those people were looking at me. To which I responded, "Yes Honey... you are not invisible".

My favorite though was the Grist Mill because it had a working and running water wheel. How cool is that?!

I think we were there for about an hour, but it was enough time to allow my sanity to return and my eye to stop twitching. I was much calmer when I got home and had to call AT&T... again.

For more information on the Log Cabin Village, click HERE.

For more information about Smithsonian Free Admission Museum Days, click HERE.

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