Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day at the Fort Worth Zoo

In the DFW area we are lucky to have 2 zoos within an easy driving distance. We've been to the Dallas Zoo several times, but today we got our first opportunity to go to the Fort Worth Zoo. Unfortunately we picked a hot day to go. But we got to see lots of animals in a different setting and we didn't have to deal with the massive crowds like we do at the Dallas Zoo. Some of the animals that Fort Worth has that Dallas does not include kangaroos, sharks, and bears. However, overall, Dallas has more animals and with it more crowds of people.

Here are our pictures.

If you are visiting the DFW area and want to go to a zoo, I'd recommend the Dallas Zoo as it has a lot more animals and interactive things for children. If you want to go to a zoo with less crowds and want to keep the trip shorter, rather than a several hour thing, go to the Fort Worth zoo.

If you are interested in going to the Fort Worth Zoo, click HERE for more information.

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