Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ready for the Rangers!

Suzi traveled 12 hours through 4 states (Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas) to come visit us this weekend and come watch the Texas Rangers at the Rangers stadium in Arlington.

It was my first 'girls night out' in a long time and Brian kindly watched the kiddos for me while we went and saw the "Power Rangers" (according to Sophie that's where we were).

And of course you can't go to a game without getting food. Something just wrong if you don't pick up some baseball food when you go to a game. 

The weather was mostly wet and rained till perhaps the 4th inning. Even though we got wet, until Suzi purchased Ranger rain ponchos, it was a great game to attend.

Some of the fun facts about this game:
1. Rangers had 2 homeruns
2. 2 baseball bats broke when they hit the ball during this game
3. The Mariners ended up having 6 players take the pitchers mound during the game.
4. In the 8th inning, the Rangers made 7 runs.
5. The Rangers won 9 to 3 against the Seattle Mariners

After the game, the stadium lights turned off and they had a fireworks show prepared.

Since Sophie missed out on fireworks for July 4th, I took a video of the fireworks so she could finally see some fireworks this year... well... kinda.

 With the Dallas Cowboy stadium also in Arlington, and consequently next door, we also got a nice view of it from the Rangers stadium.

This was only Friday night, so we have more fun things planned for the remainder of the weekend while Suzi is here. So more pictures and posts to come.

For more information on the Texas Rangers, click HERE.

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