Sunday, October 21, 2012

Decorative Dresser

Ever see something in a magazine and you know you want it? We are pretty frugal around here so sometimes the things I see in a magazine that I want, I can't get. Most magazine readers know, most things in magazines are not typically on the cheap end. So if I can find something I want (magazine inspired) that I can do for a lot less, I get excited.

In Country Living magazine (pg. 60 of November 2012 edition), it shows how John & Sherry Petersik updated an old dresser using $60 worth of paint. The colors were beautiful, but they really didn't fit with what we needed. We have been looking (off and on) for a dresser for Sophie's room. But dressers are so expensive (new AND used). I'd often look on Craigslist, but even I couldn't find a dresser that I was willing to purchase at the $300 asking price. Eventually though, I found this dresser on Craigslist for $50. SOLD!

It was in good condition already, but the white dresser with the blue knobs just did not fit for my daughter's room. So, magazine inspired, I went to Walmart and found the following paint samples in dusty purples: Beautiful Bastile, Muted Violet Cast, Aged & Ancient Purple, and Standing Purple Ovation (colors listed from light to dark).

Then I wanted the overall frame and bottom drawer (as shown done in the magazine article) in a darker color. The magazine used a char brown, but I decided instead to go with a dark grey and found Behr's Pencil Point grey at Home Depot. At Home Depot, they color matched my Walmart paint samples and I got the purple colors in small jars ($3/each) and a quart of the pencil point. My total in paint was 1/2 of John & Sherry's, coming out to a total of $30 (which also included a $5 paintbrush).

So for a 'new to us' 'magazine inspired' dresser for Sophie's room, we spent a grand total of $80. And my daughter and I just love the outcome. My parents were also here this weekend (how else would I have gotten anything like this accomplished????), and they both love the transition. I know it's not your standard dresser, but that's part of what I love about it. It breathes creativity, modernism, and girl power with every drawer!

Hope you like it and hope I've inspired others into creativity!

PS- The removable clings on the dresser was Sophie's idea of finishing touches... not mine.

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