Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Morning Madness

And we begin at...

1:20 am- Sophie pee's the bed and comes to tell her mother.
1:30 am- Bed is stripped, soiled blankets in wash, new blankets on the bed.
1:35 am- Finally convince Sophie to go potty again... just in case.
3:45 am- Connor wakes up... hungry
4:10 am- Connor is fed and put back to bed
4:20 am- Connor will not sleep in his bed. Put pacifier back in and turn on the music nightlight thing.
4:35 am- Connor is still not asleep and will not keep his binky in.
4:45 am- I give up and Connor sleeps in bed with me.
5:00 am- Brian wakes up to the alarm. Get's Connor out of my arms and puts him in his bed where he stays sleeping.
5:30 am- Tells me he is leaving and asks if I'm getting up and ready for work. I decide to sleep in a bit.
6:30 am- Wake up and get started for the morning.
6:45 am- Sophie wakes up and tells me she pee'd the bed.... again.
6:55 am- Bed is stripped, soiled blankets in wash.
7:00 am- Sophie refuses to get dressed. So I finish getting dressed.
7:15 am- I'm dressed, wake Connor up, and try to convince Sophie to get dressed and moving for school. She continues to refuse. Says she wants to stay at home.
7:30 am- Everything gathered together. Load Connor into the car. Load a very naked and very angry Sophie in the car. Load Sophie's clothes and shoes in the car.
7:45 am- Arrive at Sophie's school with a very naked Sophie in the car.
7:50 am- Tried to convince Sophie to get dressed, but she informs me she wants to go to school naked. Finally shove underwear and a shirt on her.
7:55 am- Take Sophie into the school with just a t-shirt and underwear on and carrying Connor in as well. Try to get her to go to the bathroom and finish getting dressed... she refuses.
8:00 am- Teachers try and coax Sophie into the bathroom to finish getting dressed. Sophie's fit that she started at 7am continues.
8:05 am- Finally get her calmed down some, get her clothes on, and take her to her classroom.
8:10 am- Return to the school with her homework that I left in the car.
8:25 am- Get Connor to school.
8:40 am- Arrive at work (late)
5:00 pm- Leave work
5:30 pm- Stop at supermarket for butter, pull-ups, and alcoholic beverages (Convinced tonight I'm going to get some decent sleep and not have to do anymore laundry due to bed wetting).
6:05 pm- Arrive at Sophie's school, where she gets a great behavioral report card for the day (from her teacher at least)
6:20 pm- Arrive at Connor's school, where he also has behaved well (not surprising... he's 3 months)
6:30 pm- Arrive at home and show Sophie the pull ups that she will be wearing TONIGHT!

Lesson of the Day:
Don't threaten to take your daughter to school naked, because then she may insist that you follow through completely.

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