Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Schitt

As this is an Election Year with a Presidential Election voting to take place within days, I will answer 'Schitt' questions as would some of our current political candidates.

Question: Every year you have a Schitt, where is it?

Political Answer: Well first lets discuss the nature of Schitt. Schitt's are your common average hard working American who has felt left behind by the current political system. And I'm here to answer to their call by working at a bi-partisan level. Now I know that there are many people who have seen prices of gas go up and those who have lost their jobs, but during my time in office, I assure you that these issues will be recified.
Easy Answer: Been busy

Question: So... did you not have a Schitt show up this year?

Political Answer: Being a large country we have a diversity of people and we know that progress is around the corner. Together through Hope and Change we have made a difference and will continue to make a difference. Now I know that some times we feel like the jobs just aren't showing up and more people are staying at home. But by investing in our own economy we can get the common people back to work in jobs which will help our economy grow.
Easy Answer: No.

Question: What made you decide to not have a Schitt this year?

Political Answer: Look we are in a recession and what we have is not solving the problem. In fact the problem is getting worse. So what we need to do is fix the deficit... spend less money on things we don't need. So are we willing to borrow money from China for Schitt? I think we need to reevaluate our current economic budget, because right now my opponent is leading us into a larger deficit.
Easy Answer: Distracted and then ran out of time.

Question: How are you dealing with the lack of a Schitt on Halloween?

Political Answer: Look we are monitoring all situations. Yes we understand what is happening at home as well as Iran. We will continue to monitor them and continue to make America the safest place for Americans.
Easy Answer: Look for a Schitt next year

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