Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Party

Last week we got an invitation to attend a pumpkin party hosted by the Crow family. All we needed to bring was a pumpkin. How could I refuse such a fun opportunity? So I purchased 2 pumpkins at the store (one for Sophie and a much smaller one for Connor). And prior to leaving for the party, decided to take a "before" picture of them with their pumpkins.

It did not take long for the kids (once there) to start bringing out and playing with every possible toy imaginable. And it was nice to for Sophie to have an opportunity to play with friends outside of a school setting. Although, she did remind me that this was a party at "Connor's school". (Ms. Cassie is Connor's teacher... and coincidentally the youngest 'student' there).

The kids were very eager to get to work on their pumpkins. We did manage to get them to all sit on the couch with their 'pre-painted' pumpkins before they slaughtered them with coats of paint and stickers.

Then Cassie brought out all the art supplies and let them attack with paint brushes. She was a saint to let the kids do this at the kitchen table and goodness knows where she's going to find splatters of paint today and the following days. The kids made sure to paint every inch of their pumpkins, and sometimes themselves (although that part was mostly accidental).

*Side Note- Poster paint dries fast and you can get it for around $1 at the Dollar Store. Never heard of poster paint, but was really impressed with how quickly it dried. And cheap too... makes it even better.*

While the pumpkin painting was definitely the highlight, Ms. Cassie also had lunch provided, made cupcakes, provided a fun time for all the Mom's to talk, distraction and entertainment for the kids, and overall embraced the chaos of 7 children.

Thanks Ms. Cassie for the fun. We really enjoyed it.

*Connor fell asleep and therefore did not paint a pumpkin. So, maybe another day this week Sophie can help Connor paint his pumpkin.*

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