Friday, October 26, 2012

Sophie Says...


Sophie: "Mom, when I get too big for my Tinkerbell jammies can Connor have them?"
Mom: "If you want to give them to him I guess".
S: "No, cause Connor is a boy. He needs BOY Tinkerbell jammies. Not girl ones like me."


Sophie helping me get dressed in the morning, opens a drawer and pulls out a small pink thong.
Sophie: "Mommy, whose is this?"
Mommy: "Sophie can you please just put it away."
S: "Is it mine?"
M: "No."
S: "Is it Connor's?"
M: "No."
S: "Well whose is it?"
M: "It's Mommy's underwear. Now can you please put it away."
S: "No it's not. Your butt is too big for this."

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