Sunday, November 4, 2012

Helicopters! Helicopters! Helicopters!

Yesterday Bell Helicopter hosted a family day for which all employees were able to bring their families to their global headquarters. They offered tours of the blades and rotor shop and the composite center. We did neither of them because I have a daughter who feels the need to touch EVERYTHING. And I'm sure they don't want anyone to touch anything.

They also had a line of their already finished and flying helicopters out at the helipad. They had the Huey2, 406, 409, and others. One thing I wish they would have had but didn't was the V22 Osprey. That would be one really cool one to see on the ground and/or flying.

Later they also had an aerial demonstration in one of their helicopters. It was neat to see him do tricks.

For the kiddos they had inflatable games (Sophie was too scared to do any of them), face painting (Sophie again too scared), carnival games (we skipped), and a little train ride (which we DID do... although it took some convincing for Sophie).

They also provided a lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, beans, potato salad, and cookies. And they also provided popcorn and cotton candy. Hard to diet with all those goodies available for free and at your fingertips.

Later we also got to check out the newest helicopter that just came out.... The 525 Relentless. It seats (I think) 12 people. Sophie, Connor, & I actually got to sit in it.

On our way back we also got a family photo in front of a green screen, in which we are in front of a picture of a line of V22 Ospreys. Connor by this time was asleep. Too cute!

Hopefully they decide to do this next year because I think it was pretty fun. Hopefully next year with Connor being older he can appreciate some of the helicopters and perhaps be the persuasion Sophie needs to do some of the inflatable games.

For more information about Bell Helicopters line of products, click HERE.

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